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RFID conferences and seminars behind us, read about them. More events coming up. Apparel retail RFID expert Jessica Säilä's popular blog posts are based on solid studies. Find out more about the technical articles on the RFID Arena and the support behind it.

RFID presentations from RFID Conference held in Struer now available

The presentations held in Struer, Denmark on October 12th - 13th are now visible at the RFID Conference website. Present at the event was Nordic ID Sales Manager Alexander Aminoff.

Nordic ID partner Autepra held an RFID seminar to end-users

Nordic ID Technical Support Engineer Tomi Lundström gave a presentation on RFID cases to an enthusiastic audience. The interest towards RFID is growing also in the Baltic countries and the event was succesfull. In the event also a long time technology partner UPM RFID was giving a presentation.

Nordic ID attended SMAU in Milan, Italy with partner Softwork

SMAU is the most important Italian fair focused on ICT in fields like industry, retail, mobile Wireless & RFID, Cloud Computing. It is visited by 50.000 people (around 26.000 are end-users and 24.000 are operators, meaning System Integrator, Software House, ICT Companies etc.). It took place in Milan from Oct 19th - 20th this year.

Nordic ID was hosted by partner Softwork and the new House of RFID products were well represented at the event. Below in the pictures you can find the Nordic ID Merlin UHF RFID, the Nordic ID Merlin UHF RFID Cross Dipole, the Nordic ID Morphic UHF RFID and the Nordic ID Sampo S1.

Nordic ID products on a stand at SMAU

Nordic ID Merlin, Nordic ID Morphic and Nordic ID Sampo on display at SMAU.


Softwork, a Nordic ID partner, at SMAU in Milan

Softwork stand at SMAU. Notice the Nordic IDeas.

The show will go on

Next week Nordic ID will partner-up with CC to exhibit @ the IFTF in Vijfhuizen, the Netherlands. Nordic ID has been a long partner in supporting the RFID implementation for the horticultural sector. You can read more about here on the RFID Arena from the supply chain blog, the Nordic IDea magazine 2010 and of course on the Nordic ID website.

Also the preparations have already started for the ICT&Logistics show in Utrecht November 9th - 10th. You will find Nordic ID Sales Manager Hielke van Oostrum in both these events. Please click here for free registration and ticket. ICT&Logistics will be held in Jaarbeurs Utrecht, which is on walking distance from Utrecht Central train station.

Apparel retail RFID expert Jessica Säilä's blog only on the RFID Arena

Nordic ID Business Development Director Jessica Säilä is a sought out panelist, consult and advisor in events, customer cases and by end-customers interested in RFID for apparel, footwear and specialty retail. She writes her insightful blog posts here on the RFID Arena under fashion and retail. More information on RFID for apparel retail you can read here.

Jessica Säilä was also the director and writer for the very popular agent styled video: House of RFID.

The very popular technical articles on the RFID Arena

Many of the blog posts are written by Teemu Ainasoja. They offer advise on studying RFID power output and software development.

Nordic ID offers also information free on their extranet website. All you need to do is to register and log in.

Nordic ID also offers free support to anyone who wants to learn how to use, implement and program the Nordic ID handhelds, mobile computers or fixed RFID readers. Feel free to contact via e-mail for example: support@nordicid.com


More news next week!

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