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Thanks to a new system introduced by TRAZA, a valued partner of Nordic ID, the Spanish association for the fostering of arts and design (FAD) witnesses significant reductions in labor hours as well as improvements in inventory control.  The new system now allows FAD an easy access to their more than 4,500 references as well as information related to the items. The system has been developed in order to serve FAD with managing their inventory, registering the loaning of materials and to assist with technical consultations.


TRAZA set out to tai develop an existing legacy system based on barcodes. One of the reasons for going RFID was the problematics related to barcodes: each barcode needs to be read individually in order to recognize individual items. Such a set up would not allow easy searches among samples similar to each other nor an agile enough loan management. And a stock take of all items would take one person several days.

Nordic ID RFID reader offered to FAD by Traza

FAD chose TRAZA to carry out the analysis and implementation of the system that would respond to the needs expressed by FAD. TRAZA are experts in engineering, specializing in the development of solutions related to the automatic identification and traceability of goods, which made them the ideal partner for the FAD project.

TRAZA selected Nordic ID Merlin UHF RFID Cross Dipole mobile computer, as the device is known for its robust platform, intuitive use, and superior service record. TRAZA in collaboration with FAD, a system of identification and traceability was designed and implemented for the art works using ultra-high frequency (UHF) RFID.  Unlike bar codes, RFID technology enables the reading of the information contained on the chip of an RFID TAG without having sight of it. RFID tags can also be read several at the same time, which is not possible with traditional barcodes.

Project Objectives

At the outset of the project, FAD outlined a number of objectives with the RFID system.  Among them were to improve inventory-processing times, allow improved web access to information regarding art samples to consultation partners, expedite the search for samples, development of a system to monitor loans and detect sample lending.

The conditions and requirements for TRAZA were to integrate the existing sample MySQL database with a database created for managing loans.  The use of tags with small size and strong performance at long distances were also a requirement for the FAD project.


The implementation of the project involved the identification of samples with two different types of tags, which varied depending on the nature of the material to identify.  A Nordic ID Merlin UHF RFID Cross Dipole mobile computer equipped with a UHF RFID reader is used for reading RFID tags. A separate system for the detection of unauthorized sample releases consists of an RFID reader with integrated antenna connected to a PC panel to manage the system as well as the software needed for both the terminal and the server.


Today FAD can easily search for samples and perform an inventory count in hours rather than days. Additionally their internal operations related to sample management has been simplified and the consultation to their partners is far easier. This  thanks to better control over loans and easier access to information, which should increase their partners' satisfaction and that of the employee's as well. 


The Arts and Design Promotion (FAD, also known as Fostering of Art and Design) is a private, independent and not-for-profit association that has the objective of promoting design and architecture in the country's cultural and economic life. The FAD is articulated via six associations that represent the different disciplines of design:

ADI-FAD (industrial design)ADG-FAD (graphic design and visual communication)ARQUIN-FAD (architecture and interior design)A-FAD (art and craftwork)ORFEBRES-FAD (contemporary jewellery)MODA-FAD (image and fashion)
Founded in the year 1903, the FAD has become the first centre of reference for design and architecture in Catalonia and Spain thanks to its commitment to the ongoing task of promoting creative culture through exhibitions, professional talks, prizes and events. For more information: www.fad.cat


TRAZA is a company specializing in product development and projects within the field of automatic identification of goods and people. TRAZA is part of the business group Datopack ID, a Spanish company with over 30 years experience in the market of automatic identification and traceability.

TRAZA currently have over 70 professionals dedicated to developing products, services and turnkey projects. TRAZA is organized into 4 business areas: Mobility and traceability (AIDC - Auto Identification & Data Capture), ID Cards, Security and access control, and industrial coding and marking.  TRAZA operates primarily in Spain and France. For more information: www.traza.com


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