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Nordic ID RFID Friday Blog - House of RFID roadshow news and another apparel retail blog post is out

Many simultaneous events have been visited in the House of RFID roadshow by Nordic ID during last week in Sweden, France, Germany and Turkey. Today Jessica Säilä has posted another interesting addition to her engaging RFID in apparel retail blog series.

House of RFID roadshow  - busy, busy busy

we thought last week was busy, pheeewww.. This week, amazing! And the reception our events have gotten has been so good. Thanks for all the nice comments and praises, we appreciate! Where have we been this week then? Well, in Lille, France at the International RFID Congress 2011 with our sales manager Nicholas Haran and Product Manager Janne Mäkeläinen, in Berlin Germany Bluestar VARTECH 2011 with sales managers Wendy Vink, Lothar Struckmeier and Oliver Warn, sales director Atte Kaskihalme and marketing manager Mirva Saarijärvi, in Stockholm, Sweden Tekniskas Mässan sales manager Alexander Aminoff gave presentations and in Istanbul, Turkey a trusted partner T Plus presented the nice products at CeBit Istanbul 2011.

Here is a nice picture from the CeBit event.

Nordic ID presented by T Plus in CeBit Istanbul 2011

Next week the show goes on

But as we now, the rolling stone gathers no moss. The House of RFID roadshow must go on. Next week Nordic ID will be at Kauppa 2011 in Helsinki, Finland with sales manager Mika Hirvonen and sales director Atte Kaskihalme present at the event, in Dubai, The United Arab Emirates at the GITEX technology week where sales manager Miia Kivelä will be with our partner Technowave and in Struer Denmark sales manager Alexander Aminoff will at the RFID Conference organized by the Nordic RFID Center.

We look forward to seeing you all at the events and showing you our money making machine Nordic ID Sampo S1, the magical Nordic ID Merlin with 0,5 W RFID engine and the most impressive of them all the big gun performance in pocket size, Nordic ID Morphic UHF RFID Cross Dipole. Come see us and the products!

Will America beat Europe in Item-level RFID?

Nordic ID Business Development Director Jessica Säilä has posted yet another interesting and engaging blog post to the  retail and fashion blog section. Will America beat Europe in Item-level RFID? Good question!!!


More news next week! Don't miss it!

6 comments on “Nordic ID RFID Friday Blog - House of RFID roadshow news and another apparel retail blog post is out”

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