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Nordic ID RFID Friday Blog - 25th year anniversary for Nordic ID and news from sales and marketing meeting

Nordic ID celebrates its 25th year anniversary. At the headquarters CEO and founder Jorma Lalla was remembered with flowers and presents and everyone got to enjoy some sparkling wine. During this week the Nordic ID sales team also had a sales meeting.

Nordic ID 25 years anniversary

Nordic ID was established by Mr. Jorma Lalla, the current CEO of Nordic ID, on November 26th, 1986.



Watching a fun video to commemorate Jorma's work to build up Nordic ID and the success in these 25 years in business. 

The Nordic ID Story

25 years ago the R&D team leader for Mobira (Nokia) Talkman, Jorma Lalla, followed his entrepreneurial aspirations and as a result - Nordic ID was born.

A Finnish retailer was losing money as he was unable to trace his roller cages and crates. The innovator in our CEO jumped to the rescue. And since 1995 more than 150 000 people benefit from the data captured with the Nordic ID mobile equipment on a daily basis.

Every Monday between 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM GMT approximately 1 billion transactions are made with Nordic ID devices.

The Nordic ID products have impressed the top 250 global retailers in Europe. Grocery retailer giants such as  Spar, Co-Op group and Kaiser's Tengelmann as well as leading brands like Laura Ashley, Pocket Shop, Gant, Seiko Optical and Gerry Weber represent a group of long-term Nordic ID customers.

Finland is ranked among the top 3 performers in education every year. It should come as no surprise that our support team educated in Finland have extensive knowledge in the field of Auto ID and wireless technologies.

On a weekly basis our technical team responses to roughly 500 requests sharing their expertise with customers and partners.

Our passion for wireless technology drove us to initiate RFID development as early as the year 2000.

Since 2006 Nordic ID has equipped 70 % of all European Apparel RFID pilots and roll-outs.

We strongly believe that all major brands and retailers have adopted RFID by 2016.

Ever since its early years Nordic ID has put its heart into nurturing the RF expertise, which in 2011 lead to the largest product launch in the history of the company.

The House of RFID now delivers a full range of RFID hardware. When Nordic ID first entered the Auto-ID market, the work was based on pen and paper.

Our customers have been able to evolve as real-time scanning has helped them grow their business 1.5 % faster than their competitors.

RFID is our focus because we know that it will provide our customers with a sales uplift of 5 - 10 %.

Nordic ID is a lifestyle choice!

Productive and eye-opening sales meeting at the Nordic ID HQ

The House of RFID roadshow has brought huge amounts of work, leads and people need to be followed-up. The Nordic ID sales team was gathered to the HQ to learn about the new campaigns, material, design, ideas and of course to have a lot of fun. Now the whole team is pumped up and ready!

House Of RFID - Product Launch Pic

Nordic ID - The people behind the scenes.

More news next week, stay tuned!

3 comments on “Nordic ID RFID Friday Blog - 25th year anniversary for Nordic ID and news from sales and marketing meeting”

  1. Posted 25 November 2011 at 22:16:53

    Ever since I joined Nordic ID, most partners and end clients have said that we are easy to work with - almost as if it was their own company rather than a supplier pr a partner. And I think this morning at the celebration you could see this again as the international team took inspiration from Billy Joel and sang: `We didn`t start the fire, it was Jorma`s burning, as the world was turning, we didn`t start the fire, we didn`t light it, but we got excited!`Tje song and its lyrics had me remembering all the fun events and everyone who attended and I`m really looking forward to our next event! My warmest thoughts to all Nordic ID clients and partners!

  2. Posted 28 November 2011 at 11:23:15

    I joined just 2 years ago but the fire in this company caught on immediately! In my opinion the song choice was excellent. The thing that is common for us all under the Nordic ID umbrella is the fire that began from Jorma.
    I thank my colleagues for the warm fuzzy feeling that comes with the fire and which I am sure we also share to our customers and partners. We feel ever so happy that we have seen clients and partners share the same passion and warmth!

  3. Posted 28 November 2011 at 14:14:18

    Totally agree, my 5+ Years @ Nordic ID have "never been a dull moment"
    I'm always amazed by the innovative twists that Nordic ID as a company, but especially the team of people makes. I'm very proud to be part of that team! A big KIITOS and let's keep "full speed ahead"

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