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Nordic ID RFID Friday Blog - Nordic ID Big Sista video - House of RFID roadshow news

Nordic ID Big Sista episode III got released yesterday. If you didn't have to check it yet, go have a look now. The House of RFID tour is still running hot. This week Nordic ID was at a flower show and we remember you with some nice rose pictures in this post.

The Nordic ID BIG SISTA is out again

An episode of the fun series of Nordic ID staff at work - the Nordic ID BIG SISTA - is out again. Take a sneak peek to the office life of the people you already know. Go have a little laugh on us. 

House of RFID roadshow news

We continue on our path of the popular roadshow presenting our House of RFID. The House of RFID has it core in the RFID engine developed by Nordic ID itself, the Nordc ID UHF RFID reader NUR-05W module. It sits inside the new even more powerful Nordic ID Merlin UHF RFID and Nordic ID Merlin UHF RFID Cross Dipole, Nordic ID Morphic UHF RFID Cross Dipole and the fixed RFID reader Nordic ID Sampo S1.

This week Container Centralen hosted a nice stand at the IFTF in Vijhuizen, close to Schiphol Airport in The Netherlands. The IFTF is the International Floricultural Tradefair. The target audience are the breeders and growers of the fresh flower industry. Facing our direct customers, it was nice to display the Nordic ID green sector software on the Nordic ID Merlin as well as the Nordic ID Morphic in UHF together with our solution partner Mieloo and Alexander, with the Scan Green software suite. As Nordic ID normally does a lot of technology oriented shows and conferences, this was really a "refreshing change" and great to have so many end-users attending the CC booth to check for themselves how they can leverage the RFID technology, that already comes free with every CC flower trolley.


Roses at IFTF show

What next on the House of RFID roadshow

As we speak, Nordic ID in the Netherlands has started preparations for next weeks' ICT & Logistics tradeshow in the Jaarbeurs Utrecht. Don't miss it, as Nordic ID will have all RFID material on show, ranging from the new Nordic ID Morphic UHF RFID Cross Dipole, the 500mW Nordic ID Merlin UHF RFID mobile computers, the innovative Nordic ID Merlin HF RFID Blade and of course the exciting new Nordic ID Sampo S1 fixed RFID USB reader. Nordic ID is at stand A73 in hall 3 and this is directly to your right at the entrance. Registration is free of charge and we are looking forward to meeting in Utrecht. By the way: the Jaarbeurs venue in Utrecht is very easy to reach and on walking distance from Utrecht Central train station!


More news next week and we leave you with some more roses.

Roses 2

3 comments on “Nordic ID RFID Friday Blog - Nordic ID Big Sista video - House of RFID roadshow news”

  1. Posted 05 November 2011 at 00:43:28

    That was indeed a refreshing look at the many ways the power of RFID technology can be harnessed for any industry vertical.

  2. Posted 07 November 2011 at 08:46:16

    Thank you Zander!

    We try our best to serve all the sides RFID can offer.
    And at least in European horticulture we have seen a huge impact in efficiency and visibility through RFID.

  3. Posted 06 May 2018 at 23:43:38

    This nordic id big sista should be out more, in my opinion. Yes, I get that most of the rush essay people are not very happy about this, but it should happen, nonetheless. This will benefit a lot of people out there and that's important.

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