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Nordic ID RFID Friday Blog - More House of RFID tour news and Nordic ID material shared

The House of RFID roadshow continues. Sales Manager Hielke van Oostrum exhibited at Frug I Com in Bleiswjik, the Netherlands. Nordic ID reveals the RFID agent print to the world. Nordic ID sharing channels: Flickr, YouTube and Issuu, for more information.

There is no end to the success of the House of RFID roadshow

This week on November 30th from Nordic ID Benelux sales office Sales Manager Hielke van Oostrum exhibited on the annual Frug I Com congress via AIM the Netherlands. Frug I Com is the supply chain information platform for the fresh food (perishables) producing companies. With everything that is going on in the horticultural industry it's also nice to have an "out of the box" event for the other green sector to meet and discuss projects and RFID possibilities in the food producing market segment. There were about 100 attendees on the Greenery trading venue in Bleiswijk, close to our Alphen a/d Rijn office and interesting contacts have been made.

Supermarket -picture -_orange -scan _WEB

The new Nordic ID design - RFID agent print

Nordic ID has released a new design is based on a print especially designed for Nordic ID by a finnish design company Klo Design. The print portrays the Nordic ID way to design their own devices; the Scandinavian way to appreciate simplicity and clearness. The print is light like the Nordic ID devices.

The main application areas for Nordic ID can also be found on the print because Nordic ID is very customer oriented and wants to serve their clients. The main focus on the print however concentrates on an agent in a camera lense that is also a simple depiction of the RF and the RFID wave surrounding the person with a Nordic ID device. The interpretation of this can be either the Nordic ID RF and RFID agents or the RFID covering the retail and protecting its profits. The background pattern in the print resembles a circuit board bringing also the insides visible.

The new design will be taken into use for interior design, gifts, the upcoming new website, printable material and electronic material.

Agent -Print _nordicid _WEB

Nordic ID shares documents, pictures and videos - find the right channel for you

Nordic ID documents, including the Nordic ID customer newsletter magazines, Nordic ID products catalogue, datasheets, product sheets, Nordic ID offering letters and other print documents, can be found on the Nordic ID Issuu.com channel.

Nordic ID shares also its product pictures and products in use pictures as well as the logos for use of their partners, media contacts and other interest groups. You will find an extensive collection of pictures on the Nordic ID Flickr account.

Nordic ID also shares a lot of different types of videos. The target audience for the videos varies by the type of the video. You can find factual webinar videos, product presentation videos, funny office videos and the great agent styled House of RFID  launch video. Go check them out on the Nordic ID YouTube channel.

We also appreciate feedback and comments on the material that is already uploaded and suggestions on material that might be useful to have there.

More news next week, remember to tune in!

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