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How to secure fresh Christmas flowers?

Complete utilization of the added value in RFID tags in the flower supply chain. Have you ever imagined how the popular Christmas flowers can reach the shops before Christmas in time and in good condition in the freezing cold North or elsewhere in Europe?

Enjoy your Christmas flowers!

Christmas Rose

Not just reindeer sledges but obviously special thermo-transportation systems are needed, but how to make it sure that hundred of thousand and millions of Poinsettias, Christmas cactuses, Christmas roses etc are handled in time during one of the peak seasons in the horticultural industry?

In January 2011, Danish Container Centralen, a transport and packaging systems and service provider, introduced RFID tags in all of their more than 3 million containers used by the horticultural sector throughout Europe for the delivery of plants and flowers. Already during the spring time 2011 the most innovative trading companies in the industry, such as BAAS Plantenservice in the Netherlands, saw the opportunities of the latest technology.

BAAS Plantenservice implemented a track and trace system based on the RFID tags already on the containers. In the order management process, their suppliers attach a barcode label to each order and container,  scan the RFID tag on the container and then link it to the order and ordered products. This information is made available to BAAS and their transporters, in order to optimize and streamline the delivery transport. RFID tags are scanned when the containers are loaded, so that the BAAS logistics department knows exactly when the flowers will arrive. At arrival the RFID tags are scanned again and thus the goods are automatically booked in to their logistics systems.

BAAS Plantenservice can process now more than 14000 containers full of flowers daily, minimize the communication between suppliers, transporters and logistics and financial departments and thus save time. Furthermore, the turnaround times of containers will be shorter, speeding up the total logistics process and providing longer lifetimes of flowers.

Next time, when you are at your shop or garden center buying flowers, have a closer look to the containers if available. At the bottom you will see a small tag size of the small Christmas bell. It is the key to the fresh and colorful flowers!


Happy Holidays!

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