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This year, Santa's workload has decreased dramatically thanks to his new and magical RFID implementation. He now manages his operations including gift manufacturing, logistics, wishing lists, behavior report system and deliveries with the help of RFID.

Christmas is closing in on us and we are all waiting eagerly to see what we'll find under the Christmas tree. The thrill makes us smile and giggle but it also brings our thoughts to the amazing guy that makes it all happen. As we all know Santa's work hasn't exactly been getting any easier. The world's population is constantly growing and kids are demanding more and more advanced gifts. And let's face it, Santa isn't exactly getting any younger. The small print on the gifts is difficult for him to read in the dark of the night with misted up glasses due to the cold air. But, this year Santa brings us good news! He has just sent out a press release in the Finnish media informing us that things will be a lot different this year - Santa is adopting RFID! 


This year Santa's sled is equipped with a mobile RFID reader that makes sure the right gifts are packed with him in the right place and order, that he finds them quickly, and that the right gifts go down the right chimney. All this without even having to take a glance at the gifts. The RFID reader will immediately let him know if a mistake is being made and how to correct it. Compare that to the horror of arriving to the last house with the wrong gifts without being able to tell what went wrong and where. But it's only fair to warn you, this year you have to make sure you're nice until the gifts are safely under your Christmas tree. Santa's new elves' report system could see to that the information on the tag of your gift is changed in real-time if you misbehave. That means bye bye to your new PlayStation.

It's not only Christmas eve that is hectic for Santa. He is busy all year around preparing for the Christmas to come. The transportation of raw materials, managing of workforce and manufacturing of gifts are all made more efficient and cost-saving with RFID. Santa always knows what the state of his stock is and where everything can be found.  The kids' wishing lists are automatically recorded in his data base with RFID. When the gift is ready the wishing list data base is updated and a tag is written describing what it consists of, where it is, has been and is going to be and of course, who it is for. The tag is rewritten every time new information about the gift or the receiver (naughty or nice) is available.

As a matter of fact, this is not the first time Santa has used RFID. In 2007 Santa adopted RFID for keeping track of his visitors at the Santa Clause office near Rovaniemi in Finland. By giving his visitors individual tags he could immediately find out who had been naughty or nice and act accordingly.

So people, BE-have and BE-nice! Because Santa has the latest technology available.


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  1. Posted 21 December 2011 at 11:29:27

    Yes, Santa lives in Finland, Korvatunturi! Go check out his website. :)
    Merry Christmas!

  2. Posted 01 July 2018 at 12:02:30

    thank you

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