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13.5.2011 Friday Blog post with info, news and events.

May 11th - 12th the RETAIL+ show was hosted at Tour&Taxis in Brussels. Technology partner Toshiba TEC auto-ID  organized an innovation centrum and the various islands showed retail solutions and it was excellently executed. Together with partners Labeltech and Time2Trace a complete supply chain of RFID UHF tagged clothes was demonstrated "live": from goods-in (boxed) through point-of-sale and security, fashion garments were identified and traced. The flow of interested customers was steady. It was also very nice to meet and greet long standing partners such as Etilux, Phi Data and CN-Rood! Thanks to all.

The RFID Arena has also opened this week. This is a platform for all the people involved and/or interested in RFID. You can find interesting articles, implementation cases, technical information and blogs (for example RFID in fashion and retail) there and comment and create discussion. Let's talk: www.rfidarena.com

The latest issue of the Nordic IDea is truly out there. You can't have missed it. Filled with case studies, slightly emphasizing the RFID in fashion, a thorough introduction the Nordic ID Merlin series and the people behind the success of it plus some programming information on RFID in inventory. Loads of good feedback already gotten, thanks for that. If you haven't had the chance to read it yet, go to Nordic IDea or order your print copy at sales@nordicid.com

And then something very different. Nordic ID has seen, working with RFID, that privacy issues raise a lot of concern. To this we have an answer. There is no need to be afraid! Except for the RF Monster.. Take a sneak peek into the daily office lifes of the Nordic ID crew. Nordic ID Big Sista launch video.

More news next week, stay tuned!!!

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