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17.6.2011 RFID Friday Blog post with info, news and events.

Sew your own success with RFID

This week we are launching a big Fashion Campaign "Sew your own success with RFID" with Jessica Säilä at the forefront. She is the Nordic ID expert on the RFID needs of the apparel and fashion industry and knows that it will be one of the main keys in achieving more sales and saving costs in the future.

Numerous leading apparel retailers have piloted RFID and many have also chosen to implement it. JCPenneys, American Apparel, Walmart, Gerry Weber and The Gap have reported such attractive results that it must be only a matter of time before others start to follow.

So, why does RFID mean more sales? Depending a bit on the implementation, the reports show a 5-30% growth in sales. A lot of this can be pinned down to reductions in out-of-stock, which in different studies has proved to lead to 83% of consumers leaving the store empty-handed as a response to out-of-stocks. Take a look at the latest academic findings.

Fashion store with RFID NORDIC ID

Are you interested in conducting an RFID trial? Our apparel RFID expert, Jessica Säilä, will walk you through the procedure and further discuss RFID in YOUR company. Contact her at fashion@nordicid.com.

We supply your RFID sewing kit


Have a look at our newest press release:


Nordic ID and RF-iT Solutions are working together as trendsetters in the RFID technology, bringing its amazing benefits to the retailers. The apparel industry has seen the huge benefits of RFID and has been eagerly waiting for a simple, easy-to-deploy solution in an affordable package. >>more... 


If you haven't yet seen the latest issue of the Nordic IDea, here's your chance. Go to Nordic IDea or order your print copy at sales@nordicid.com.

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Wishing everyone who has their summer leave just around the corner an excellent time off!  And for the rest of you, remember to enjoy the little things like a lunch outdoors with an ice cream for dessert or have your coffee break in the sun - kick your shoes off!

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