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RFID in food and brand recognition, shopping is therapy.. Interesting news hale from the world of RFID possibilities. Nordic ID RFID Friday Blog lets you in on what is hot in RFID. Also find out what's going on with the Nordic ID crew and a certain RF Monster.

This week the Nordic ID crew has been closely watching around for the innovative RFID solutions and this caught the eye of our Business Development Director Jessica Säilä:  Edible RFID Tags describe your food!

Also an interesting RFID implementation for shoes has been made. This is really fun. A bunch of students at Hyper Island School made this solution with a huge social and interactive potential.

Can you spot the next one? Let us know about it. If you have ideas on RFID implementations you feel we need to have a closer look at and then write about here, feel free to give us your comment.


The next one is not a new solution, RFID in apparel retail is no news no more, but we think all the apparel retailers will still find this interesting. Shopping is now considered as therapy. What happy news to all shoppaholics and especially the retailers. Now it is time to jump on the RFID bandwagon and get an RFID trial going on in your company that will enable the retailer to act more effectively as a therapist!

Sew -your -own -success -with -RFID-pink -text -on -white -bottom

Nordic ID has this week announced its cooperation with EKAHAU. You can read the press release here.

And our sales team has been busy as well. Especially Hielke van Oostrum, who has been at an event Retail Sensations in Ghent Belgium on June 23rd with a trusted Nordic ID partner ZAMPASS.

Nordic ID Booth @ Retail Sensations

The Nordic ID Booth @ Retail Sensations.

Check out also Teemu Ainasoja's, Nordic ID Inc. CEO, White Paper on mobile RFID applications in apparel supply chain.

We -supply -your -RFID-sewing -kit

In case you haven't noticed yet the popular RF Monster from the Nordic ID Big Sista videos has now enroled himself on Facebook. Make friends with the lovable character!

RF-Monster -profile -pic -small


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The whole Nordic ID crew also wishes everyone a great and safe Midsummer's fest!

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  1. Posted 27 June 2011 at 09:51:34

    Also found this press release on using RFID to ensure sushi freshness: http://www.rfidnews.org/2011/06/23/sakae-sushi-keeps-the-sushi-train-fresh-with-rfid Anyone have any other solutions for RFID in food supply chain?

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