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The search for RFID implementations making our lives easier and more fun continues. Travelling can be made easy with NFC, no more boarding passes. Healthcare environment benefits from RFID. RFID used in social media. The RF Monster has something new to share.

The Nordic ID crew has had their eyes out for the new RFID implementations that could change our lives. Check out what made us go: "Great, that's exactly what we needed!"

Whouldn't it be nice to just walk in the plane without the hassle with the boarding passes? Well, this might be reality sooner than you think as you can read from this article on the r&d Hub website (earlier article in the Future Travel Experience site). So mobile boarding through NFC technology in the future it is.

Airport _freedom


We have all heard about using NFC for payment. But how about marketing? ScreenMedia daily believes that NFC will soon be widely adapted for marketing purposes.

The Great Wolf Water Park started using RFID in their wristbands already in the 2006 to unlock guest room doors and make payments. But they have now invented a revolutionizing application for their RFID wristbands connecting the park visitors to their social media. More on the subject, you can also read here.

Nordic ID is experienced in the field of events as well. Right at this moment tens and tens of Nordic ID Morphics are being used for access control at Rock Werchter which is one of Europe's largest open-air pop-festivals. For example tickets, wristbands, parking permits  are being scanned. And this is all done in real time using a local WAN (WLAN to GPRS by "femtocells"). If you keep a close eye on your surroundings you might bump into the Nordic ID Sales Manager Hielke van Oostrum at the event, he's there to make sure everything runs smoothly and meanwhile he gets to enjoy some good music too.

Studies are now showing that the RFID technology can bring major benefits to the healthcare industry. The benefits reach out to medicines, materials, devices and office supplies. Also a study on the Global Market for RFID in Healthcare has been made and results show significant increase for various application areas. Nordic ID has partnered up with EKAHAU to serve the need of the healthcare industry.

Morphic _black _bird _front _lean _small RGB

Nordic ID is experienced in the healthcare field as this Blood Bank Tracking case shows. The amazing part in this case was that UHF RFID technology was used instead of HF RFID which is more widely used when liquids are concerned in the case.

Also other Nordic ID solutions you can find in the Nordic IDea 2011 - 2012 issue:


Last week you got to testify the RF Monster joining Facebook, he still is missing a few of you friends from his list.. He also joined Twitter and this week he decided to renew his look on Twitter and he is looking SUPER! So go check out RF Monster's Twitter page!

RF-monster -superman


More RFID news, Nordic ID news and maybe even RF Monster news next week so keep yourselves tuned in on the RFID Arena!

3 comments on “Nordic ID RFID Friday Blog”

  1. Posted 01 July 2011 at 16:12:15

    A medical application for RFIDs

    We are using RFID tags in the exploitation of a non-antibiotic treatment for Clostridium difficile diarrhoea (CDD) . Patients treated with broad spectrum antibiotics are at greatest risk of CDD and many of those affected are hospitalised elderly patients with serious underlying illnesses. The antibiotic can cause disruption of the normal intestinal flora, an important part of the immune system, leading to an overgrowth of C. difficile.

    Currently, some 2500 patients suffering from chronic CDD have been treated by faecal bacteriotherapy (FB), using donor samples. Although this procedure is reported to be around 90% effective, it is hazardous, in that infection from the donor could be transmitted to the patient and it involves delivery of faecal samples into the duodenum via a nasal probe.

    We propose to treat CDD using a modified FB, employing autologous samples collected from the patients prior to their treatment. We will produce novel enteric-coated capsules, containing processed freeze-dried colonic flora that can be swallowed by a patient to restore their intestinal flora and effectively treat CDD.

    RFID tags will be employed to associate a capsule with the patient and assist with sample inventory. Five SMEs and two distinguished research providers from four EU states (UK, Italy, Romania and Slovenia will collaborate to provide medical microbiology, RFID technology, freeze drying expertise and medical IT capability to the project.

    The outcome will be a non-antibiotic medicament to prevent and treat CDD especially the more virulent PCR ribotype 027 strain of the infection. Current treatment of CDD is restricted to only two antibiotics and a parallel allogenic based procedure, we are developing, could be employed to treat populations in the event of a pandemic caused by antibiotic resistant CDD.

  2. Posted 02 July 2011 at 11:20:57

    Thanks for this very interesting case. When you have more information and results on the project, keep up posted!

  3. Posted 04 July 2011 at 13:50:39


    An interesting study on reduced labor costs in healthcare achieved with the help of RFID.

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