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3.6.2011 RFID Friday Blog post with info, news and events.

RFID Lab Finland Spring Seminar was held in Hilton hotel at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. The event a really good success in terms of great presentations and a nice turn out. Loads of people were at the event and interested in RFID. The event was organized beautifully. Nordic ID was present at the event with a stand and presentations. Nordic ID thanks RFID Lab Finland for a nice event and the audience for their participation and interest.

Last weekend, Nordic ID partner SCOPIN' demonstrated their micro-WMS software and the Nordic ID Merlin and the Nordic ID Morphic at an event, held in Duiven The Netherlands.  The event - organised by the local Chamber of Commerce in a Stapples Office Centre - was an eye-opener for a lot of people, according to Peter. The same weekend, several Nordic ID Morphic mobile computers were used for time-registration on a "special stage" of the SME-Duiven Rally, using the same micro-WMS.
Not only useful but serious fun too! Originating from Finland, Nordic ID has a strong bond to the rally sport.

Peter and The Nordic ID Merlin Cross Dipole

Peter van Minnen of SCOPIN' demonstrating Nordic ID Merlin UHF Cross Dipole reading clothing tags.

The Nordic ID Big Sista episode I is out. Yet another fun video can be found on YouTube featuring the Nordic ID staff.


Nordic ID Big Sista


Can RFID be hot? A dating game application with RFID. Is it just for geeks or can it be turned into a big business? What do you think?


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