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10.6.2011 RFID Friday Blog post with info, news and events.

This week Jessica Säilä wrote a very interesting article on the effects of rising cotton prices to apparel industry. The article can be found on the RFID Arena - Retail and Fashion section alongside with other interesting fashion blog posts. Definitely worth checking out!

The summer holiday season is getting closer. We want to make sure that you are still connected to us even though your sales contact person is on vacation. Contact sales@nordicid.com if you cannot get a hold of your sales contact. Due to the nice weather the water in the lakes are warm and this is probably what our sales guy is doing on his vacation with the RF-monster.

In case you are not yet familiar with the RF-monster, you might want to check out the Nordic ID Big Sista videos on YouTube.

Launch video.

Communication video.


Wishing everyone a nice start for the summer!

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