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It's a goal! NFC has landed in the football fields. Smart posters enabled via NFC technology. Now the doctors are asking for improvements to healthcare via technology. RFID to the rescue! EAS hard tag with RFID. RFID Arena Facebook page has over 200 fans.

NFC on the football fields, tourist destination marketing and Fish information through RFID

Last week it was race tracks, this week football (or soccer) it is. NFC is in the net at Camp Nou in Barcelona. RFID is in the lead.

Marketing Tourist destinations with NFC? Smart Poster and parent company Near Field Communication has developed proprietary software Tap Your Phone Technology™ to seamlessly deliver an unequalled marketing experience using NFC enabled Smart Phones in conjunction with (NFC) Near Field Communication Smart Posters.

An aquarium uses RFID to educate the visitors. The Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center has installed a new interactive exhibit, dubbed "Fish and Chips", that uses RFID technology to instantly provide visitors with information on the aquatic life as it swims by, according to Breaking News Trave 

Healthcare demands for RFID

The healthcare is in need for streamlining. The doctors have now talked to GS1 for help. More information on the GS1 website.

Gs 1-healthcare -logo _medium


An ABI research presented on the Mobile Enterprise website back-up the benefits of RFID in the healthcare sector. More findings of the benefits of RFID to healthcare in previous Nordic ID RFID Friday Blog posts.

Nordic ID together with EKAHAU has a location tracking solution for the healthcare with RFID. Nordic ID is also in use at a Balearic Blood Bank. Here is a link to the case and a video.

In the ABI research again also retail and consumer goods were represented strong in demand for RFID.  Nordic ID and RF-iT offer together a simple solution for fashion retail. Nordic ID has also teamed up with Checkpoint to offer an out-of-the-box solution for the apparel industry. More information at RFID-IN-FASHION.COM.

Fashion Store - Nordic ID RFID


Apparel retail can now benefit also from the QID and UPM Raflatac joint innovation - QID pin. A smart solution with RFID and EAS in one pin. Fore more information, go to QID - Smart PIN brochure.

And more good news! RFID Arena Facebook page - over 200 fans - BIG Thanks to you all!!! We also invite all the new readers to join. RFID Business is serious business, so let's talk!

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