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You can feel it in the air, it's summertime! Students get RFID diplomas in the UAE. NFC mobile payment gathering more momentum. Airline RFID solutions win awards. More accurate running with RFID.

School's out, but not in RFID!

Intriguing news fly in from United Arab Emirates, where more than 30 universities and educational institutions are implementing RFID solution to fight forgery. University certificate is equipped with RFID label when they are issued to students. This, besides of stepping the game up against forgery, also makes database management faster. There is no need to enter student data manually to government's systems.

Money moving from pocket to pocket via NFC

Mobile paying has been on the tip of our tongues for several years now, and now we are starting to see customer-attracting solutions. Paypal has introduced a smartphone-based peer-to-peer -paying system that utilizes NFC. The grand vision of having only a smartphone in your pocket might be a bit closer.

RFID up in the air

News from the airlines, again! This time from down under, as Australian airline Qantas has won The Airline Strategy Awards 2011 for its Q Cards and Q Bag Tags. While Qantas is not the first airline to use RFID technology to speed up processes, its "innovative Q Bag Tag and faster, smarter check-in have developed its scope beyond any previous use. " The Q Bag Tag, is different than previously used single-use bag tags. This permanent tag automatically synchronizes the luggage information with traveler's boarding pass. This works also with online check-ins, as traveler can just drop his luggage at a baggage drop area.

Keep running - and then tweet about it!

Running is one of the most primitive ways of keeping yourself in shape, but the 21th century running is anything else than old skool. Even if you are running by yourself, you can engage your family and even strangers to follow your sprints over the web or on a smartphone. Automatic social network updates on your progress provide great information and even motivation boost to your friends. When it is time to compete against somebody else than you, RFID steps in. New York Marathon uses RFID-tags on shoes and race numbers to get better data during the run and to post the all-important results quicker.

Want to know about RFID in fashion? www.rfid-in-fashion.com is your stepping stone!

RFIDArena has been enjoying a growing success on Facebook, go check it out!

Rfid -arena -resolutions

Folks at Nordic ID have been enjoying well-deserved holidays, recharging their battery packs with plans ranging from Central-European car trips to sailing holidays in the Finnish archipelago. Who will have the best tan of the company?

4 comments on “Nordic ID RFID Friday Blog”

  1. Posted 22 July 2011 at 11:03:02

    I think that Omar will have the nices tan @ Nordic ID

  2. Posted 22 July 2011 at 17:29:39

    Undoubtedly! :D

  3. Gravatar of Omar PatelOmar Patel
    Posted 22 July 2011 at 17:46:05

    35 years of perfection!

  4. Gravatar of Hanna ÖstmanHanna Östman
    Posted 25 July 2011 at 09:06:15

    Omar might be the winner, but Mirva definitely comes in second!

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