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2011 RFID Journal Award Winner: Best RFID Implementation-Gerry Weber. Jessica Säilä was chosen for the Woman Of The Industry (W.O.T.I) and is featured in Pass Age Now!. Stay cool by monitoring temperature-sensitive goods with RFID.

2011 RFID Journal Award Winner: Best RFID Implementation-Gerry Weber's Pain-Free RFID Revolution

Gerry Weber started a project in 2009 to implement RFID throughout their supply chain. Since then they have equipped their retail stores and warehouses with Nordic ID mobile computers and tagged most of their items.

The positive effects of the project have been many. Gerry Weber has been able to successfully improve inventory management and deter theft. Read more about what CIO Christian von Grone has to say about the project.

Christian von Grone Gerry Weber RFID implementiation with Nordic ID

Jessica Säilä, this year's Women Of The Industry recipient

Our own Jessica Säilä, Business Development Director at Nordic ID, was featured as the Women Of The Industry recipient in the latest issue of Pass Age Now! Jul/Aug 2011. She shares her experiences in a man-dominated and fast-developing business area. It's a true story of an ambitious and clever woman who doesn't take no for an answer. Trust yourself and your abilities, is her motto.

Jessica believes strongly in the possibilities and advantages of RFID and is looking forward to seeing it implemented in our daily lives.

Unfortunately the article is not available on the Internet but you can order it at: http://www.passagenow.com

Jessica Säilä large

Stay cool with RFID

It seems like manufacturers and distributers of temperature and humidity sensitive goods have finally discovered the benefits of RFID. The key to success is temperature monitoring tags. Not only can they prove the freshness of the goods to customers and resellers, they can also make sure the goods stay fresh. By connecting the tags to a monitoring system that alarms in time when a product is kept in the wrong conditions spillage can be prevented. RFID makes the brand stronger AND cuts costs. A win-win situation for all parties, it seems. DB Schenker , for example, uses temperature-logging tags to Monitor Drug Shipments.

Besides from monitoring regular consumer goods temperature-monitoring tags are also being used for other purposes:  A University of Dayton researcher developed a tag to monitor and report whether perishable cargoes and railroad train wheels have reached unsafe temperatures. And NYC´s Metropolitan Museum of Art adopted RFID to manage the environment around artwork.

Shutterstock _5052430 Art In Museum

Staying cool isn't the easiest thing in this hot Summer weather. Unfortunately I haven't yet heard of a temperature-monitoring tag for your forehead that tells you when to get out of the sun. But remember to drink a lot and stay mostly in the shade, folks!

Wishing you all a great and sunny weekend!

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