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Wrooom! The RFID takes over race tracks and so does the RFID Friday Blog. A Lunch & Learn event with intensive training held in Madrid with Bluestar and SATO. Nordic ID takes carbon footprint calculator into use. RFID in apparel industry is still a hot potato!

The search for new and interesting RFID applications have led the Nordic ID crew around a race track. The Nürnburgring in Germany has taken active RFID in use for speed noise control. The automated detection of the noise level significantly reduced the administrative burden and enabled real time control and situation response. Wow! One could have never even imagined..

Nordic ID held a Lunch & Learn event with Bluestar Southern Europe in Madrid

Thuesday the 28th of June Nordic ID hosted a Lunch & Learn Session together with our European distributor BlueStar and SATO (supplier of print and label solutions) at the El jardín de la leyenda Restaurantin Madrid.
During the session presentation and workshop of Nordic ID handheld terminals and mobile computers was held. Both RFID and barcoding devices were covered.
It was attended by partners/resellers from BlueStar who are in the Auto-ID & RFID business. It was a great opportunity to exchange information and discuss about the industry with these professionals in the industry! 
We would like to thank all the attendees, BlueStar and SATO to make this event such a success!

Sales Manager Wendy lets people in on the Nordic ID magic

Sales Manager Wendy Vink giving her Nordic ID presentation.

Nordic ID has taken a carbon footprint calculator in use

The calculator was developed together with TechVilla. Carbon footprint calculation includes the product's life cycle from raw material extraction to the delivery of the final product to retailers. The following components have been included in the carbon footprint analysis:

  • Raw material extraction
  • Manufacture of components
  • Component assembly
  • Final product assembly process
  • Finished product delivery

Calculation is an estimate of products greenhouse gas emissions and it is presented in carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2e).

Carbon footprint calculation does not represent the absolute truth of the product life cycle as the total emissions, but gives an indicative estimate of calculation in a carbon footprint. Calculation provides useful information about the environmental impact of different materials, logistics chain and assembly efficiency. This information is a valuable tool in improving environmental efficiency of the product design and manufacturing processes.

This calculation has applied international product-specific carbon footprint standard PAS2050. Emission factors have been derived from international life-cycle databases (Ecoinvent, Bath ICE, Best Foot Forward, VTT and IEA). More information (in Finnish).

Eco-friendliness is a matter close to the Nordic ID heart. The development of RFID products to improve supply chain efficiency automatically leads to cleaner and safer environment. Nordic ID is also a member of the Supply Chain Carbon Council.

Jessica Säilä and Carl Michener produced an article on the data collection and identification needs through RFID or barcoding technology. The article covers everything from no-tech to high-tech. Flip to pages 30 - 31 in the Logistics Business IT Magazine to read this interesting text.

Sew -your -own -success -with -RFID-pink -text -on -white -bottom

Nordic ID is very experienced in the fashion and apparel industry. For more information on the benefits of RFID in apparel as well RFID pilot options, go to RFID in Fashion. More information on RFID in the apparel industry you can also get from the RFID Arena Fashion and Retail section.


Fashion -campaign _-We -supply -your -RFID-sewing -kit


Wishing you warm and sunny summer days! Tune in on the RFID Arena for more RFID news!

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