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RFID Wellness assisting us all to feel better and safer. RFID has been used in gyms for long but how about as a Personal Trainer? Benefits in healthcare have been proven but how about making it fashionable? Feel more safe, stylish and fit with the help of RFID

RFID in the GYMS around the world

RFID is used in gyms around the world to gain entrance to their health clubs, purchase food and gear, and secure their lockers, but also to track workoutsenqueue and alert you for gym equipment availability. Believe it or not there are also RFID tagged gym gloves for opening and closing changing room lockers and with it you could even pay for your food and other services such as massages and aerobics classes.

What about an RFID personal trainer? There is a lot of people a little intimidated to take the first step towards working out feeling that the gym machines can be difficult to adjust and use. An RFID wristband with the gymgoer's complete body analysis, goals, experience, possible health issues, deadline and workout program's time schedule could easily do all the hard adjusting in the machines. You could just go to the machines, show your wristband to a reader in the machine and it would adjust the hight, the position and the weights as well as giving workout tips for the user. Another extra might be encouragement to add more weights to achieve better results and to advance quicker in your workout plan. There's a thought for someone.


Can RFID help him?

RFID in healthcare - RFID technology keeps you safe and stylish

A student from the University of Dundee, UK has developed a way to help people with hidden medical conditions remain safe and stylish with some help from RFID technology.

RFID powered microchip is able to measure internal temperatures within the body and then communicate that temperature wirelessly to an external reader. PositiveID plans to integrate the temperature-sensing with its Wireless Body platform to provide early warning at the onset of an illness.

RFID can even be used to identify sick animals. Wow, a solution for the well-being of the whole family and your domestic animals and in the future maybe even pets.

Check out also the Nordic ID and EKAHAU solution.


According to an old saying and studies laughter is the best medicine and it gives you more years to live. Nordic ID sure wishes a lot of years to all and therefore has already released two funny episodes of the Nordic ID Big Sista. Have a look at the launch video and the I episode - Communication and have a look-out for the upcoming video. You never know when it might pop-out.


What more will we come up with for the healthcare industry?

4 comments on “Nordic ID RFID Friday Blog”

  1. Gravatar of Hanna ÖstmanHanna Östman
    Posted 12 August 2011 at 08:58:02

    I would definitely appreciate an RFID personal trainer. If it could also let me know if I'm doing an exercise wrong and perhaps even cheer for me "good girl, you can do it!", it would nearly be equivalent to a human personal trainer. ;)

  2. Gravatar of GuestGuest
    Posted 12 August 2011 at 12:38:53

    Wow, RFID in a gym. Havn't thought about that one yet. Sounds really good if I think about it. Nordic ID has very interesting cases where RFID is being/can be used. Just keep on going... :-)

  3. Posted 14 August 2011 at 16:16:37

    Enjoying a frequent work-out even I would many times like the comfort of an RFID personal trainer. You can't talk back at a machine. :D

  4. Posted 04 January 2018 at 16:11:31

    Workout is very much needy for our fitness and health.

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