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From patient safety to the safety of our children. RFID can ease the parent's worries. There is something going on at a certain RFID mobile computer manufacturer, check out the video! It is funny. Loads of information on various RFID tags and providers.

Safety for School Children with RFID:

Ennovasys offers TrakSchool - a solution for ensuring the safety of school children, on the cloud. This should ease up the worry load on the parents' shoulders. 

Another funny Nordic ID Big Sista video is truly OUT there

What is going on at Nordic ID??!! Have a look at the Nordic ID BIG Sista and see how the Nordic ID crew is buzzing around.

Big -sista -2011

RFID Tag information

Want to learn more about RFID tags and RFID tag manufacturers? Take a look at: VeryfieldsRFID website. Check them out also in the social media: FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn and check out the latest news on RFID tags.


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