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RFID offers the solution to streamlining the business from manufacturing to the shop floor. This is the time to invest. Nordic ID is buzzing, you saw it last week in the video. On September 13th you will be more in the know. We will rock the world of RFID!

Market instability calls for smart investments

Not a day goes by without serious, dramatic headlines about the state of the world economy. Investors are shaking the stock prices causing tension on the market. Double-dip or solid rebound? Crisis or no crisis? Money or no money? Will the uncertainty turn into decrease in consumer spending habits and that way also affects our customers' and partners' business. These uncertain times call for smart moves and the right investments.  Cutting costs and streamlining processes is vital for a company to endure difficult times. This does not mean that everything should be put on halt. On the contrary, investing in RFID makes perfect sense. First and foremost, implementing RFID in processes saves costs from day one. There are multiple parts of the company's value chain that can be streamlined with the help of RFID, ranging right from the source to the end-customer. Secondly new RFID applications have been proven to increase sales.  Contact our expert to find the right solution for you!


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The world of RFID will rock on September 13th

You might remember a certain video from last week (the link, in case you missed it) building up excitement for week 37. Be prepared for it, wait for more news. Mail, e-news, phone calls and information is on its way to you as we speak.

It is still a secret...


Stay tuned, next week you will know more!

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