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Social media marries RFID and enters the material world. Great Wolf Lodge water park and Ushuaia Beach party hotel supplies wristbands, sensors and Facebook-connected cameras to their visitors. Cats are now tweeting with the help of RFID.

Social media marries RFID and enters the material world

Some may call it tracking and controlling people, others may call it "empowering the people". We are talking about carry-on-you RFID tags.

The interaction between companies and customers is definitely changing. Companies are getting to know their customers on a personal level and eagerly learning to listen to and interpret them. Customers are telling companies what they need, want and above all "LIKE" through RFID and social media. It's not about what you tell about yourself, it's about what others tell about you.

Whether you are a company or a customer you can choose to make social media work to your advantage.

Great Wolf Lodge, the largest family water park chain in the US, has been using RFID wristbands as room keys and payment method since 2006, so deploying  RFID wristbands, sensors and Facebook-connected cameras wasn't a huge step for them. Now their visitors can take their social network with them on vacation and let them know what they are doing and what they LIKE.

Great -wolf -rfid -wristbands

A hotel, Ushuaia Beach party hotel and club in Ibiza, is utilizing social media and RFID for marketing purposes. They equip their visitors with RFID wristbands that allow them to connect to Facebook for example at the pool, bar, restaurants etc. This is made possible by installing Facebook-connected sensors and cameras, so called "Facebook Places", throughout the venue. By scanning the wristbands at the Facebook Places the visitors can update their status and upload photos.

Hotel RFIDFS11


Renault had another approach to letting their stand visitors at the Amsterdam Motorshow connect to and LIKE on Facebook. They handed out RFID equipped smartcards that the visitors could flash in front of a sensor at the car they liked.

Fb -rfid -520x 245


A few other companies that have also used "real-life-LIKE" are Coca-Cola, Diesel, Hyundai and Macy´s. RFID in social media - what an exellent way to spread your word in an affordable and effective way.

They say we are all participating in social media, whether we like it or not... And one thing is for sure, I LIKE it. 

Cat tracking with RFID and Twitter

You have just got to love a cat that tweets! Ioan Ghip have developed an RFID equipped cat door that uses Twitter to inform the owner of the cat's whereabouts. And that is not all. The door only lets the "right" cats in so that you don't get unwanted visitors.



Nordic ID HQ has been enjoying energetic, rested and nicely tanned check-ins through its gates this week, as most of our folks are now back from their holidays. It's time for some serious business!

Welcome back you all!

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    We are coming. This region is AWESOME and we are excited to know.

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