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What an amazing week behind us. And what a busy time ahead of us. Nordic ID released four revolutionizing RFID products on Tuesday this week and the launch has been a hit! The launch was only the beginning. Now starts the House of RFID roadshow. Don't miss it!

HOUSE OF RFID - open doors

September 13th was a big day for us at Nordic ID. It was the day we released four RFID products, opened the door to the House of RFID. In this product launch we brought to the market a fixed RFID reader to accompany the RFID mobile computers we have had in our product range. This introduction of a fixed reader alonside the fact that we have increased the power on our existing product portfolio makes Nordic ID the true House of RFID.

On the launch day Nordic ID offices held world premiere events as well as a world wide webinar introducing the products, the company and the people in the offices. In the events and in the webinar a 007 - James Bond styled video presenting the products was shown as well as product presentations were held. In case you were not able to attend the events or the webinar, you can check all the material here. And if you have only a few minutes and want to see the Bond styled movie, check it out here.

We took some fun pictures in different events and posted some of them here. Enjoy the red carpet atmosphere!

Nordic ID HQ event

_NID5230 _NID5232

The first guest are arriving and the atmosphere on the red carpet is relaxed and joufyl.

_NID5299 More warmly welcomed guests.



You can feel the excitement.              _NID5308

_NID5352 Mr. Bond presenting the products...


... and inviting people to try them out.  _NID5360

After the short movie, product presentation and having a look at the devices, guests and the staff enjoyed some fingerfood and relaxed conversations.








Nordic ID GmbH event

Walk the red carpet with Nordic ID GmbH

The red carpet is ready for the guests!

Nordic ID GmbH agents

The cool agents of Nordic ID GmbH.

Nordic ID GmbH House of RFID event was a success!

A good event hosted by Nordic ID GmbH got good reception.

House of RFID roadshow

The product launch was only the beginning. The products are now sent on the road with our sales team and partners to be shown all over Europe and Middle East as well. A comprehensive listing of the events you can find on the Nordic ID website. Choose the place closest or most convenient for you to attend and come see us and have a look at the products as well as try out the demos. 

Nordic ID and AMS

This week austriamicrosystems and Nordic ID have also been telling about their extensive cooperation. You can read more here.


Next week more new and exciting news from the world of RFID and Nordic ID.

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