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Fashion stores are finally installing full scale RFID enabled systems. RFID and smart phones are revolutionizing the health care industry. Make sure your calendar is free on the 13th of September at 17 EET.


Fashion stores have been deploying RFID technology in their stores, distributions centers and supply chain for quite some time. But up to this moment it has been done with caution and only in certain areas of the system. It is a pleasure to see that fashion companies are finally taking the full step out and deploying full scale RFID solutions that cover their whole system and let them pick the best fruits that RFID has to offer.

Billabong store in Brazil in the Iguatemi Alphaville shopping mall located in the Brazilian city of Barueri, has chosen to deploy full scale RFID. The interactivity and the mobility of customers and employees has been improved by installing Smart POS, Smart Dressing Rooms, Smart Logistics, Smart Exhibitor, Smart Inventory, Smart Loss Prevention and Smart Replenishment. The customers have all necessary product information at hand and can request for help or more items from the staff directly from the fitting room.

After the launch on Aug 9th, the store reports that the new full scale RFID system already has increased sales and the number of customers visiting the store remarkably.

It seems it is increasingly important for distributors of RFID technology to be able to offer a full spectrum of RFID solutions and products for the retail industry.


Phpid 4BnS


An RFID system supplied by Ekahau and Nordic ID provides hospitals with an asset locating system that gives the staff real-time information about the whereabouts and inventory level of every syringe, drug and medical equipment in the building. The system is easy to deploy - all the hospitals need is the Ekahaus software and Nordic ID mobile computers. See the video on 24x7 Technology and Service Solutions for Biomeds at timeline point 1:45. 


Make sure your calendar is free on the 13th of September at 17 EET. That's when the action happens here at Nordic ID. We are arranging the biggest product launch in our history, so don't miss it.

House -of -RFID-_spotlight

Let us know you're participating by email to: info@nordicid.com.


Here in Finland autumn is sneaking up on us and it's time for the traditional crayfish parties with snaps and singing. Nordic ID didn't miss out on this and arranged a party last Friday. This is what it looked like! :)



Have a great weekend and cheerio!

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  1. Posted 02 September 2011 at 15:38:40


    More information on the GRRRREAT launch webinar can also be found at:

    It is a webinar certainly worth attending!

  2. Gravatar of Hanna ÖstmnHanna Östmn
    Posted 06 September 2011 at 11:00:47

    Absolutely. It's never wrong to mix serious business with a lot of pleasure! And that's what this launch event is all about.

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