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Last week EKAHAU was on TV with its location solution on the Nordic ID mobile computers. RFID Arena renewal, the Forum has arrived. It is nearly the time. Time for what? Time for Nordic ID world Premiere, the biggest RFID product launch in Nordic ID history.

World premiere on September 13th - For your eyes only

House -of -RFID-_spotlight

It is getting closer. Next Tuesday Nordic ID will blow the minds of all the RFID professionals. The House of RFID is ready to open doors to everyone. We warmly welcome you to take your first peek in the door by joining our webinar. By registering yourself to the webinar, you will receive an e-mail with material. You can register pre-hand at sales@nordicid.com. 

EKAHAU and Nordic ID in the news

Last week the 24x7 Technology and Service Solutions for Biomeds channel aired a news bit where the EKAHAU and Nordic ID solution was shown. If you missed it, you can check it out here. 

RFID Arena news

Due to popular demand a discussion forum has been added to the RFID Arena. The topics are ready for your comments, thoughts, opinions, advice and questions. Join the discussion!

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