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Nordic ID RFID Friday Blog - Bluestar Solution Day - blogs by Sini Syrjälä and Guest Blogger CoreRFID

This week Nordic ID was present at Bluestar Solution Day in Darmstadt, Germany. Read the latest blogs about the search function with RFID and the London Underground case study. More Guest Bloggers wanted too.

Bluestar Solution Day

Nordic ID was presented by Hielke van Oostrum at the stand. Nordic ID also had a speaking lot and Nordic ID GmbH Managing Director Lothar Sruckmeier was speaking about the Nordic ID RFID solution.


Nordic ID stand at Bluestar Solution Day

Upcoming events in the beginning of February MODEX 2012 and ZOW 2012

But Nordic ID will not stop here. February 6th - 9th we are at two places at once. How is that even possible? Well, the Nordic ID Inc. Teemu Ainasoja, accompanied by staff from Nordic ID HQ will be attending the MODEX show in Atlanta, USA and Nordic ID GmbH will be presented by Oliver Warn and Danny Collinson at ZOW 2012 in Bad Salzuflen, Germany.

RFID - Lost and found

Retailers all over face a problem with misplaced items on the shop floor. Consumers take clothes out of racks and stacks, try them out and then leave them in the wrong places. Inventory count shows, that you have this item but it is nowhere to be found. RFID offers an ideal solution for this problem. Sini Syrjälä at Nordic ID Business Development has written a nice article contemplating on this subject.

You can find the article here. 

Guest Blogger for this week - CoreRFID: The London Underground case

CoreRFID has contributed the Guest Blog on the RFID Arena this week. The London Underground case study is very detailed and explains the solution and benefits well. A good field service article.


You can read the Guest Blog by CoreRFID here. 

Guest Bloggers wanted!!!

 Do you have an RFID case study, white paper or an article just lying in your desk drawer. Well, get it out of there quickly and send it to marketing@nordicid.com We will review it and possibly publish it here on the RFID Arena. Make your voice heard by guest blogging on the RFID Arena!


More news next week, wish you all a nice weekend! :)

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