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Nordic ID RFID Friday Blog - Taropak event in Poland - Article about RFID in cars

Nordic ID partner RFID Solutions presented Nordic ID at Taropak event in Poznan, Poland. Next week GITEX and SMAU. A blog series about RFID tagged cars got its first part released this week. Looking for guest bloggers again!

Nordic ID presented at Taropak in Poznan, Poland

Nordic ID partner RFID Solutions presented Nordic ID at the Taropak event in Poland this week. The Nordic ID devices sit well in their solution. The event was a success for the company and the after event work is starting.

RFID Solutions presenting Nordic ID at Taropak


The events will not stop there though. More events you can find here. Next week you can meet Nordic ID people at GITEX Technology Week with Technowave in Dubai and at SMAU in Italy.

this week's articles

If cars were tagged - Part 1 article was released this week

This is the first of a series of articles about how UHF RFID- equipped cars could be useful to different interest groups such as car owners, car service providers; and police and safety authorities.


Prevent speeding with RFID

A holla for guest bloggers!

We have gotten some really great guest blogs and are looking for some more. If you have a great article, study, white paper or a blog post about RFID, send it to marketing@nordicid.com for revision. We might just publish it here, with your details attached of course.


Have a great weekend and more news to come next week!

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