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Nordic ID RFID Friday Blog - Events: IT-Fachmessee in Herford, Germany and RFID Journal Live! Oslo, Norway - 2 articles over RFID gates

Nordic ID visited the RFID Journal Live! show in Oslo, Norway and exhibited at the IT Fachmessee in Herford, Germany. We have released two articles over RFID gates - technical and solutions based. Nordic ID video RFID and Privacy is on top at YourTechTV.

RFID Journal Live! in Oslo, Norway

Nordic ID Atte Kaskihalme and Hielke van Oostrum visited the event. They went to listen the presentation by Kris Doane from American Apparel and also got to meet him again at the event.

IT Fachmessee in Herford, Germany

At the Museum Marta in Herford, Germany a special event IT Facmessee was hosted and of course Nordic ID was there.

The show was very busy and many visitors got a feeling of the Nordic ID RFID devices. Below you can see some nice pictures from the event.

Museum Marta in Herford


Musem marta


Oliver ready to meet customers and visitors


Visitors coming from right


Visitors coming from left


Musem -marta at night 

Two articles over RFID gates released this week

1. RFID gates - where are they and why?

RFID gates with fixed readers are used in warehouses, logistic centers, loading docks, retail stores, for EAS activities and in personnel check-in/check-out systems. This article discusses RFID gates and their most common applications.

2. RFID gates - The technology behind them

RFID gates are an effective way of tracking assets automatically without manual labor. But what are the technical aspects that need to be taken into account at deployment and how do we make the most out of the system? 

RFID & Privacy video has become the most viewed video this year at YourTechTV.com

Nordic ID filmed a video in June and released it and it has become an instant hit. In just four months it has become the most viewed video this year at YourTechTV.com.

The video describes some of the worries people have about RFID effecting their privacy and what actually is done with RFID - an all this with a little twinkle in the corner of the eye. The video is a bit funny suggesting and yet has a nice message.

We thank all for watching the video!

Nordic ID - RFID & privacy video 

Nordic ID website in German

We are happy to tell you that from next Monday onwards we are able to serve our customers in German through our renewed website. We welcome all our german customers to visit the website.


Nordic -ID-Webseite -Deutsch

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