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Nordic ID RFID Friday Blog - ICT and Logistiek event - Guest Blog over RFID in healthcare - Students visiting Nordic ID HQ - This month is Movember

Nordic ID at ICT and Logistiek event in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Medical Showroom at Stowers Institute presented in this week's Guest Blog. Students visited the Nordic ID HQ to hear about international marketing. Check the Nordic ID Movember Team.

ICT & Logistiek event

Nordic ID team and partners have been very busy at the event. Hielke van Oostrum has had a minute or too to send a couple of pictures of the event to be shared here.


Jos -Giezen -and -Hielke -van -Oostrum -at -the -ICT-and -Logistiek -event


Nordic ID - House of RFID stand at ICT and Logistiek

This weeks blog is a Guest Blog by John Johnson

Stowers Institute unveils item-level tagging for medical showroom

At Stowers Institute for Medical Research in Kansas City an entire showroom of research and medical supplies has been tagged to allow for greater ease of purchasing for its staff of scientists.

Visit John Johnson's blog at RFID 24-7

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Students visited Nordic ID HQ this week

Nordic ID had a pleasure to have visitor from Novia University of Applied Sciences. The visitors were told about the challenges of international marketing, brand building and of course about the House of RFID in wide and wild world of RFID.

The students were very active asking a lot of questions and they expressed a genuine interest in both the marketing and the technology. Nordic ID warmly thanks their guests for the visit.

Visit -by -Novia

Nordic ID Movember Team successfully heads on - heads with moustaches

At the moment the Nordic ID Movember Team has already gathered 430€ in donations. We are greatful for all the donaters. The cause is good, fighting prostate cancer.

If you are looking into donating for a good cause, click here.

The Movember movement has taken the world by a storm, just check out this bus from Copenhagen.


Movember Bus


More news next week, stay tuned!!! :)

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