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Nordic ID RFID Friday Blog - Event in China Weizhou - 2 articles published - New Nordic ID Extranet published - Nordic ID Movember Team going strong

Nordic ID showcased by partner Perfect China Supplies Ltd at Weizhou event in China. Two new articles were released this week: RFID effects on personnel and Library RFID. New Nordic ID Extranet now open for business. Nordic ID Movember Team triumphs.


Benedict Chan from Perfect China Supplies Ltd presented Nordic ID devices at the Weizhou event. They were very busy at the event and sent us some pictures to have a peak at the event.


Weizhou 1


Weizhou 2

Two articles published on the RFID Arena this week

1) RFID projects do affect the company personnel

One of the most important issues related to RFID projects is often also the most ignored one - the impacts of the new technology on the personnel. If not dealt with correctly it causes fear and change resistance.

2) Can RFID save Libraries?

With the demise of the printed word widely predicted, librarians are busy trying to find a new "role" for libraries. Add to this the challenges of reduced budgets and often a lack of IT expertise - and that challenge begins to look overwhelming.

New Nordic ID Extranet released this week

We have updated our Nordic ID extranet pages and would like to welcome you to have a look.
To access the new extranet please register at the Nordic ID Extranet.

The new extranet focuses on bringing you the latest information about our products including datasheets, software, drivers, etc. It is all about up-to-date product information.
The old extranet will continue to run until the end of this year. However it will no longer be updated.

We hope you enjoy what our new extranet has to offer. We are grateful for comments and ideas on how to upgrade our service even further.


Nordic -ID-Extranet

Nordic ID Movember Team is going strong

We are so proud to announce that we have grown our team and received donations from individuals and companies alike. Thank you for your generosity!

The Nordic ID Movember Team wants to especially thank a regular lunch place of our Sales Manager Alexander Aminoff. Alexander got the restaurant to donate a remarkable sum of money to this important cause. Thank you Ravintola Piano!

We are sure that there is plenty of generosity around and just waiting for a good cause to donate to. Feel free to support our Movember Team. To have a look at the Nordic ID Movember Team page and to donate, click this link.


More news next week! Stay tuned. :)

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