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Nordic ID RFID Friday Blog - RFID Lab Finland Board for 2013 selected - Article: 5 most common RFID applications on shop floor - case news

RFID Lab Finland has chosen the board members and Nordic ID heads the Board in the year 2013. This week a nice article on RFID applications on the shop floor was published. Two great RFID cases were also presented to the public this week.

RFID Lab Finland Board members for year 2013 selected

RFID Lab Finland is a neutral non-profit association, whose mission is to improve the operational efficiency of companies with identification technology.  We help companies with the business potential of RFID and NFC technologies, create networks, and drive development initiatives.

RFID Lab Finland is owned by its member companies and organizations including all the major players in the RFID and NFC industries that have operations in Finland.

The Board members have now been chosen for the year 2013 and Jessica Säilä from Nordic ID is the Chairman of the Board. Beneath you can find the members of the RFID Lab Finland Board for the year 2013.
  1. Jessica Säilä, Business Development Director, Nordic ID, Chairman of the Board
  2. Jussi Nummela, CEO, Riffid Oy, Vice Chairman of the Board
  3. Tero Rautsola, CEO, GS1 Finland Oy
  4. Ritva Alatalo, CEO, City of Vantaa, Vantaa Innovation Institute Oy
  5. Tuomas Sykkö, RFID Sales Manager, SMARTRAC Oy
  6. Ville Puntanen, Service Development Manager, Tieto Oyj
  7. Reino Aavikko, Director, Vilant Systems Oy
  8. Juha Maijala, Product Manager, Stora Enso Oyj
  9. Jukka Voutilainen, CEO, Voyantic Oy
  10. Christian Sundell, Director of programs, Business Oulu
  11. Lauri Sydänheimo, Professor, Tampere University of Technology
  12. Jouko Pöyhönen, Director, Project development, SRV Oyj
  13. Seppo Leppänen, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences Oy


Read how Lithuanian company Klaipedos Baldai (a manufacturer of furniture for IKEA) uses RFID in its operations.


More news coming up next week, stay tuned!

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