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Nordic ID RFID Friday Blog - Happy Holidays - Yesterday's Blog

RFID Friday Blog wishes all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. The blog will quiet down for the holiday season. Jessica Säilä wrote a blog yesterday - on how deliveries could be made easier and more accurate with RFID.

Happy Holidays

Nordic ID and the RFID Arena wish everyone a peaceful Holiday Season and we will quiet down to celebrate this time of the year with our families. We will be back online after the New Year.

We have given our Holiday Season greeting card money to Save the Children charity.


Save the Children

Save the Children Organisation website.

Article on delivery accuracy for companies manufacturing tailormade goods for their customers

Jessica Säilä - How long after Christmas is it ok to have your present delivered?

Early December 2011 my sisters and I thought of a great Christmas present for our parents: Jeans that fit 100%. I had read about this new concept of made-to-measure jeans developed by a rather new company, which I will call Denim Comp. in this blog.


More news in the year 2013! :)

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