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White Paper from Retailer's Advantage

This time we have gotten a Guest Blog from Retailers Advantage. Retailers advantage is a partner of Nordic ID in the USA. They have done a nice study on their a3tag and wanted to share their findings.

Whitepaper from Retailers Advantage (a3tag)

Retailers Advantage provides a solution to reduction of theft: a3tags, which are hard-tags to be attached to an item, a garment for instance. These tags hold both EAS technology and RFID. Retailers Advantage claims the a3tags to be "the latest innovation in EAS security tags". The a3tags provide a solution to shoplifting since they cannot be taken off by existing detachers, magnets or hooks. In addition, the new tag with a new dual intelligent antenna assists in identifying internal theft. The a3tags are fully customizable to meet the customer's needs.

The company carried out a research by LPRC (Loss Prevention Research Council), about the effectiveness of the a3tag on sales and loss across 6 Macy's stores, and the research results were undisputable. Compared to other tags on the market the a3tags reduce theft as well as have an effect on sales of the actual products, with statistical savings of 83 percent. There were test stores with a3tags and control stores with current EAS stags, and the overall shrink increased in both. However, there was an 83 percent increase in shrink in control stores over the test stores. In addition, based on the results a3tag protected the tested product more effectively compared to the control stores. It was also pointed out that a3tag has gained a positive reception among the both employees and customers.

For more information on the study, check out these websites:

Executive Summary

Full Report

For more information on Retailers Advantage check out the website or contact: glen@retailersadvantage.com

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