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Nordic ID RFID Friday Blog - Logimat - RBTE - multichannel retail blog - Double Bubble Competition

A busy week for Nordic ID. Events in Stuttgart and London. Presence of course at the Myymälämessu in Finland. Jessica Säilä wrote her excellent Pecha Kucha presentation over multichannel business to her apparel RFID blog. Double Bubble Competition is now on!


We have renewed the look of the RFID Arena.


Succesfull events this week - Lot of follow up ahead

Logimat 2012 - Best ever with over 29 000 visitors

The Nordic ID booth was crowded the whole 3 days. It is very clear that RFID is becoming more and more important in logistics (80 % of the end customers are now concidering pilot projects). Nordic ID got to cater to about 350 vistors during the event. The most common comment was that Nordic ID is a known and established as the mobile RFID supplier in the market.

Logimat - Nordic ID stand

Nordic ID - the House of RFID atLogimat

Helsinki - Myymälämessut

Nordic ID had teamed up with Pro Component and HP at the event and the joined stand worked well together. 

RBTE Nordic ID RFID Zone

In London at Retail Business Technology Expo at Earl's Court Nordic ID brought the RFID Zone to the event. And boy was the zone busy! Loads of people at the stand, and hardly a moment of rest, no time lunch for the stand staff. And it was great! The whole staff was on fire with the customers rolling in and the team played well together. And the team also got a helping hand from an American retailer well experienced with RFID and it also helped everything go as smooth as milk.

Nordic ID RFID Zone at RBTE 2012

The very busy Nordic ID RFID Zone

At RBTE Jessica Säilä also held a great Pecha Kucha presentation on multichannel business and how RFID will improve and in some cases even be the enabling factor for it.

People listening to Jessica Säilä giving a Pecha Kucha at RBTE

Jessica Säilä making powerful points on RFID in her multichannel Pech Kucha

Multichannel blog post by Jessica Säilä

The success that the Jessica's Pecha Kucha presentation had at the event, inspired her to write it down as a blog post on the RFID Arena.

You can read her blog here.


Simply RFID has released a nice blog post featuring the Nordic ID Morphic. You can check it out here. 

Double  Bubble Competition is now on!

At RBTE Nordic ID launched a new competition that has really caught on like wild fire all over the social media.

The rules are clear:

Enter your designs to the competition!
1) Cut out the paperdoll(s) from the pdf, that you get from this link
2) Draw an outfit for the paperdoll(s).
3) Dress the outfit on the doll(s).
4) Take a photo.
5) Send the photo to marketing@nordicid.com

All the photos send to the e-mail address, will be placed to the Nordic ID Facebook site to be viewed and liked and shared and will be featured on the RFID Arena Facebook site as well. The winning outfits will also be included in the next Double Bubble collection.

So let your imagination run wild and let your kids have their first touch and designing or just have fun with the competition!

Mimmi -paperdoll -02_webAlex -paperdoll -01_web


More news again next week! Tune in!

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