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Busy week: Eurocis, Checkpoint Apparel Day and SICUR events, nice blog post by Sini over consumer RFID application and getting ready for upcoming events. RFID cases get a lot of publicity, Trasluz Children's clothes chain for example. Get your RFID groove on!

Events events events

Eurocis 2012 in Düsseldorf, Germany

Wow, what a busy show. The German Nordic ID team had their hands full introducing Nordic ID, RFID and the devices to the customers. Also the BeNeLux sales force and Nordic ID HQ had their presence at the event.

Eurocis Nordic ID stand


Nordic ID - the House of RFID at Eurocis

Checkpoint Apparel Day

Nordic ID GmbH Lothar Struckmeier was speaking at the event and we have learned that the day was busy and productive. Good presentations and questions.


At the SICUR event Bluestar Spain was showcasing the Nordic ID Sampo S1. They had a nice stand and a lot of visitors. Good show!

Thank you all for visiting the shows and our stands!

Upcoming events

Next week Nordic ID will be getting visibility in Japan at the RetailTech Japan 2012 in Tokyo. Nordic ID partner Sheng Hero Corporation will be at the event. Make sure you visit it!

Nordic ID RFID Zone goes live at RBTE in London March 13th - 14th. Do not miss that!!!

Logimat in Stuttgart March 13th - 15th will also include a Nordic ID stand.

This weeks BLOG

Sini Syrjälä wrote an excellent piece that concerns at the minimum all the ladies in the world. Looking for your favorite T-shirt, looking for the other sock to have the complete pair or just compiling the perfect outfit? A consumer RFID application wanted everywhere!

If you haven't read that blog post yet, read it here now.

February blogs

Here is a collection of all the blogs posted in February 2012:

1) Nordic ID software support letter from sales

2) Information, information, information

3) VILRI - a helping hand for the retailer's

4) Guest BLOG - White Paper from Retailers Advantage

5) Distance or demand - no longer an issue in the selling of Fashion Articles

6) The tag has left the building. Or has it? 

RFID cases with Nordic ID RFID mobile computer in the deployment are gathering a lot of publicity

This week the Spanish Children's clothes RFID case was published also in Spanish. You can read it here.


Next week more groovy RFID news!

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