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Nordic ID RFID Friday Blog - RFID Afternoon Seminar in Stockholm - School of RFID is open - Healthcare roll-out with UHF RFID - Article over tag writing by Sini Syrjälä

Nordic ID was at the RFID afternoon seminar in Stockholm on April 12th. The School of RFID has opened its doors and the RFID Arena is one of its official platforms. Healthcare UHF RFID roll-out. Great article on tag writing by Sini Syrjälä.

The RFID Afternoon Seminar in Stockholm

The seminar was hosted by RFID Lab Finland and RFID Nordic, both non-profit organisations supporting the adoption of RFID. Nordic ID works very closely with both organisations.

Nordic ID Sales Manager Alexander Aminoff gave a presentation on RFID in Retail with Gerry Weber and Norsk Lastbaerer Pool cases. You can find pictures of the event on RFID Lab Finland's Facebook site. Below you can see Alexander giving his presentation. We are using one RFID Lab Finland's pictures here. The rest you can find from the link above.

Alexander In RFID Afternoon Seminar


It is very clear that there is a lot of hidden knowledge and information on RFID that does not get shared. The School of RFID wants to address this issue head on.

School Of RFID

The School of RFID builds on the expertise of the Nordic ID team and its partners, technology partners, customers, contacts in universities and other educational institutes as well as different RFID, standard, retail and/or supply chain related organizations. The aim is to be able to gather as much information on RFID as possible and to share it to anyone who needs it or is interested in RFID in general.

The main platform for sharing the information and knowledge is the RFID Arena, recommended for example by VILRI(VICS Item Level RFID Iniative). You can find articles, white papers and blogs written by industry experts there. The RFID Arena focuses on specialty retail information and supply chain news. But just to make sure that all the knowledge that has been gathered in the School of RFID is been shared, also other solutions are being addressed. Many have also found the technical articles on the RFID Arena extremely helpful. Nordic ID RFID Friday Blog is also a continuous source of information on the platform.

To insure that the staff is on top the latest information, Nordic ID people visit and exhibit at industry events, attend seminars and panels as well as cooperate closely with educational institutions and organizations.

It does not end here though. The School of RFID is in everyone's reach but needs to get closer to people. While visiting or exhibiting events, Nordic ID RFID experts are sought out speakers as well. Just this spring you might have heard the apparel RFID expert Jessica Säilä speaking for example at Retail Business Technology Expo in London and have a chance to come listen to her at the RFID Lab Finland Spring Seminar.

School of RFID people try to ensure that the information is as close to reality as possible. And for example organize store visits at their customers' stores for all the retailers interested in adopting RFID for their store operations. These visits have been very popular and educational. 
The first School of RFID seminar will be held this June for apparel and specialty retailers in Paris. The attendees will get to hear other retailers share their experiences, university researchers inform of their findings, organizational people and of course Nordic ID team will share their knowledge as well. All that packaged into a fun 2-day experience. 
So, step inside the School of RFID and get schooled - on RFID. 

RFID for Healthcare - an RFID roll-out in Academic Hospital Monica

Phi data project rolls out in Academic Hospital Monica. 
In the hospital inventory is taken with the Nordic ID Merlin UHF RFID Cross Dipole mobile computer on different medical supplies and aids ranging from syringes, cups, needles, tubes and even braces get counted  to ensure successfull replenishement every 2 weeks. A working Just-in-Time warehouse management system consists of PHI DATA's ID-WMS and ID-HospitalSupply applications.

More on RFID in Healthcare you read from this article. 

Succeed in writing UHF RFID Tags

This excellent article by Sini Syrjälä was just posted yesterday. Go read.

Once the decision about adopting RFID to the company's operations has been made, a number of issues need to be considered. This article discusses the issues related to tags and the tag writing; tag features and the communication between the tag and the reader.


More good RFID news next week!

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