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Nordic ID was at Euro ID 2012. At the same time a group of Russian retailers were introduced to RFID in a Gerry Weber store. Two articles have appeared onto the RFID Arena this week. WAPS project with Tampere University of Technology. Nordic ID BIG SISTA video

Nordic ID at Euro ID

The Euro ID event was busy and it showed also at the Nordic ID stand. The staff got to talk to a lot of people, old and new partners and customers.

Nordic ID thanks everyone for visiting the stand!

Busy Nordic ID stand at Euro ID 2012

Nordic ID serving customers on the stand at Euro ID

Store visit at Gerry Weber

As previously mentioned, Nordic ID has launched the School of RFID and offers as a part of it store visits to famous stores that have adopted RFID. Nordic ID has been very lucky in terms of brilliant customers that enable this. Some Russian retailers got a rare treat organized by Nordic ID and Gerry Weber. They were introduced to a store equipped with RFID and were shown different operations and Christian von Grone, CIO at Gerry Weber, shared his secrets that Gerry Weber has received by adopting RFID. The store visit was organized in a known Cafe Kranzler building. The owner Mr. Weber bought the building when this historical cafe was under a threat to be closed and he saved it and the cafe is now run upstairs and the store is on the street level.

We thank the visitors from Russia and especially Christian von Grone for this nice visit!

Visitors waiting to enter the Gerry Weber store

This week two new articles have found their way onto the RFID Arena

1) Succeed in writing UHF RFID Tags - practical tips

Once the decision about adopting RFID to the company's operations has been made, a number of issues need to be considered. This article discusses the issues related to tags and the tag writing and provides tips to writing and reading tags.

2) Nordic ID RFID Demo Instructions

This is an article describing the basic features for doing an RFID demo with an RFID fixed reader, the Nordic ID Sampo. The features of the demo application are basically the same also on the mobile computer, the Nordic ID Morphic and the Nordic ID Merlin.

Go read and comment! :) 

WAPS project with the Tampere University of Technology

Nordic ID has worked together with the Tampere University of Technology on a WAPS project. You can find out more over the project via this link. 

Nordic ID BIG SISTA is back

Nordic ID Big Sista returns after a break and with a bang. Just check out this funny video. 

And more good RFID news next week!

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