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Nordic ID RFID Friday Blog - RFID Denmark - VARTECH Scandinavia - Last Call to enroll for Experience Fashion RFID in Paris

Another busy week with events. Nordic ID Sales Manager Alexander was at RFID Denmark on Tuesday and on Thursday he joined Sales Manager Hielke van Oostrum at VARTECH Scandinavia. LAST CALL to enroll for Experience Fashion RFID in Paris - event for retailers.

RFID Denmark

Nordic ID was present at the RFID Denmark event and Sales Manager Alexander Aminoff also held a presentation at the event on RFID implementations for apparel retail. The presentation got a lot of attention and interest. Fashion RFID is in the move now! 

VARTECH Scandinavia

Sales Managers Hielke van Oostrum and Alexander Aminoff answered questions and shared information on the Nordic ID mobile computers (Nordic ID Morphic and Nordic ID Merlin) and the fixed RFID reader (Nordic ID Sampo). The show was busy and the boys got to meet new contacts and old ones as well.

VARTECH is an event by Nordic ID distributor Bluestar.

Nordic ID Sales Managers Hielke and Alexander at VARTECH Scandinavia

LAST CALL for enrolling to Experience Fashion RFID in Paris - event designed for retailers

Today is the last possible day to enlist at the event held in Paris in June. The event includes a live store visit!

TIME: 20th - 21st of June
PLACE: BANKE HOTEL, 20 Rue la Fayette, 75009 Paris
RSVP BEFORE the 25th of May

Including a live visit to a full on RFID store. With RFID experienced retailers we will discuss the facts and fiction of RFID, the benefits to be received and the typical stumbling blocks and prejudices to overcome in an RFID project. We will let you in on the secrets of the easiest 4 steps 2 RFID!
Take a visionary step and participate in an event hosted in Paris!

Let the RFID Agents show you a good time!

Fill in the form in this link, to get more information.

Experience Fashion RFID models


The event can be found also on Facebook and LinkedIn.

More news next week!

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