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Nordic ID RFID Friday Blog - RFID Lab Finland Spring Seminar - Sini's two excellent blogs - Jessica Vice President of the RFID Lab Finland board - Patrick Javick, GS1 US visit - CCC approvals for Nordic ID

RFID Lab Finland's Spring Seminar was excellent this year. Great speakers, especially GS1 US. Jessica Säilä Vie President of the RFID Lab Finland Board. Two amazing blog posts this week. Nordic IDea 2012 - 2013 is finally out!

RFID Lab Finland Spring Seminar

The Spring Seminar this year was again excellent. Big applause for the organizer, RFID Lab Finland and its staff. It really was inspiring to hear all the good speakers and especially Patrick Javick, GS1 US Vice President. The two presentations over the RFID solutions for apparel retail in the USA were very interesting and it felt good to see that the retailers over there have reached same benefits as we here in Europe even though the retail structure differs somewhat.

From Nordic ID the speakers this time were Business Development Director Jessica Säilä and Group Marketing Director Mirva Saarijärvi.

RFID-Lab -Spring -Seminar ---Patrick -Javick -speaking -and -Nordic -ID-stand

More pictures of the you can find on the RFID Lab Finland Facebook site. 

Patrick Javick visits Nordic ID

We are very happy to also accommodate Mr. Javick at the Nordic ID HQ in Salo, Finland. Face-to-face talking is always the best way to get information and this has been a nice way to spice up the day.

We warmly thank Patrick for his visit! 

Jessica Säilä elected Vice President for the board of RFID Lab Finland

Our very own Retail and Apparel Retail RFID guru, Jessica Säilä, was elected as Vice President of the RFID Lab Finland board just this week. The position will automatically continue as President for the upcoming term in year 2013.

Jessica Säilä large


This weeks blog posts on the RFID Arena by Sini Syrjälä

1) Know Your stock and sell!

Online shopping is a growing business. Are you ready for it? Can you insure availability of your products on stock? How correct is your stock count? Do you already count on a daily basis? RFID will make you say yes to all of these questions.

2) Consider the safety element

As RFID has found its way to the fashion streets, privacy issues have arisen as a hot topic among both retailers and consumers. While consumers are concerned about their privacy, retailers would like to use RFID in new ways to reduce vandalism and shoplifting. 

Nordic ID opened the way for the Chinese market by acquiring CCC approvals and signing a distribution and cooperation agreement with TongFang

The news has spread the world. Nordic ID is entering the Chinese auto-id market.


Kauppalehti (in Finnish)

IT Reseller 

The New Nordic IDea is out!

The latest issue of the Nordic IDea is now out. You can find it at Issuu.com or order your free print copy at marketing@nordicid.com

Nordic IDea 2012 - 2013


More news next week! Stay tuned. :)

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