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Nordic ID RFID Friday Blog - Article: RFID - a world of opportunity - Meetings and guests at Nordic ID - Experience Fashion RFID in Paris next week

A lot goes into one week at Nordic ID. Last Friday we had our Sales Meeting, this week we had a visitor from Japan and yesterday we had the company summer barbeque. This week we published an article over the world of opportunities RFID offers.


Sales Meeting last Friday

Nordic ID Sales gathered last week at the Nordic ID HQ in Salo, Finland. The people were divided in teams and new plans were made. The Nordic ID Sales Team is now ready to take over the world.

Here are some pictures of the meeting.

Nordic ID people at the meeting


Presentations about to start


Busy Nordic ID Sales Team around the table


Relaxing after the official part on the terrace


Tad Shimoda - Sheng Hero - distributor for Nordic ID visited Finland

Nordic ID was happy to have Mr. Tad Shimoda visiting the Nordic ID HQ in Salo this week. Nordic ID signed a distribution agreement with Mr. Shimoda for the East- and South-East Asia and Australia. This means that he will be taking care of countries like Japan, Corea, Vietnam, Thailand and Australia.

Company Summer Barbeque

Yesterday the whole Nordic ID HQ had some official discussions and after that everyone got to relax some. A nice barbeque was organised and also the sauna was heated for those who wanted to go there. The food was good and everyone got to eat and drink well.

Some fun pictures of the barbeque.

Nordic ID staff getting food


Relaxing on the terrace

RFID - A world of opportunity - article posted on Tuesday


The ingenious use of RFID worldwide

You might be tempted to think that RFID is all about logistics, stocktaking and supply chain. It's likely the best technology we have as far as logistics visibility and efficiency are concerned. Download the article and see how RFID is spreading.

The same article you can find also on the Nordic IDea 2012 - 2013.

Experience Fashion RFID in Paris - it's happening next week!

Next week Wednesday and Thursday all the hard work pays off. A lot of planning, confirming speakers, organising a store visit, food and drink done is going to reach its peak.

The program has been hugely popular and the event is fully booked! You can read what is going on at the event here.

Due to the big demand we are now already planning to hold new events. Because some couldn't make it to the fully booked seminar in Paris, we are prioritising them for the new event but we are also accepting pre-registrations. To insure good quality program at the event, we also would appreciate suggestions for the program, speakers, event dates or anything that comes into your minds.

To pre-register or to give suggestions, please visit this site.

Experience Fashion RFID models


We wish you a great weekend! Next blog will be out after two weeks, due to the Mid Summer festivities in Finland!

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