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Nordic ID RFID Friday Blog - news from Paris: Experience Fashion RFID - 2 blog post last week - Guest Blog this week - RFID and Privacy video

As the recap from Tuesday shows, School of RFID had a major success with Experience Fashion RFID in Paris. We have had a lot of blog posts out lately, in case you missed them, links are here. RFID and Privacy are still a hot potato, check the video and article

Whirlwind of success for Experience Fashion RFID in Paris

The event started last Wednesday with a store visit and presentations simultaneously and both were packed with interested people. Loads of information was spread out and questions were pouring down on the presenters. It was obvious that pencils were smoking from the speed they were written with.  

On Thursday the success continued and they began similarly to Wednesday with a store visit and presentations. During this day also a bit of Finnish craziness was presented to the crowd in the form of a funny exercise. You needed to be there to know...

More over the event and the presentation, you can read here.

Uwe Quiede giving his presentation at the event in Paris

Guest Blog post this week

This week we got a view from a consumer, a man, a husband. He believes that a husband often feels tired, or even exhausted being shopping with the wife and he is hoping RFID to bring relief to this. Nevertheless we can be quite sure that the question "Honey, does my bum look big in this?" will remain...

To read the Guest Blog, please click here. 

Last week's Blog posts

We got two excellent blogs posted last week. This time both technical and retail oriented.

1) RFID: Spurring Business Transformation in Fashion Retail

According to a recent U.S. study, most fashion retailers believe their stock information is around 99% accurate. In reality it's closer to 75%. As we all know, low accuracy means out-of-stocks, which causes potential customers to leave stores empty-handed.

2) Managing environmental issues related to RFID

RFID's main benefit lies in the ability to recognize individual items from a-far. The business benefits related to the technology especially for apparel retailers are lucrative and offer what no technology has been able to do before. 

RFID and Privacy

In today's Europe RFID is growing business for retailers and especially apparel retail. Many retailers starting with RFID face the fact that people have doubts and concerns over the technology and interest groups lead the discussion on the internet forums and do a lot of lobbying.

PIA (=Privacy Impact Assessment) might satisfy your officials but you need to be prepared to talk to public as well.

School of RFID prepared a video on the subject, you can watch here.

An earlier article is also still relevant and good reading. You can find it here.


Summer is here! Enjoy the sun! :) Until next week. :)

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