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Nordic ID is present at Suomen Asuntomessut (Housing Fair Finland Co-op) in Tampere

This summer, for the first time in the company history, Nordic ID will participate in the Housing Fair Finland Co-op, which will be held in Vuores, Tampere between July 13th and August 12th.

The Housing Fair Finland Co-op (Suomen Asuntomessut) is one of the largest open air events in the country and it reaches out to all prospective house owners and renovators. Nordic ID will present their vision of the "Wardrobe of the Future" which is a part of Tampere University of Technology's WAPS project. The whole project aims to develop fast adoption of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs).

The Wardrobe of the Future presents an Asset Tracking System based on RFID technology. The demo application at the fair provides an overview of the contents of the wardrobe and the laundry basket. With fixed RFID readers it is possible to track the movement of clothes between the two different locations: the wardrobe and the laundry basket. Both of these locations have integrated RFID reader antennas: the wardrobe has two antennas and the laundry basket one. Each garment is equipped with an RFID tag that contains an individual code. The codes and the movement of garments are saved in a database on the Internet. With the application it is possible to find out the past and present locations of a garment, as well as the time the garment has arrived to the location.


Future -RFID-closet ---tulevaisuuden -vaatekaappi -Asuntomessut


This application depicts a future where a "smart wardrobe" bought in a shop might already have RFID readers and a tablet display ready-installed. In the future "smart laundry baskets" would be equipped with RFID readers and the garments would be tagged already in the production phase. To see the idea behind the application, read Sini Syrjälä's blog post: www.rfidarena.com/2012/2/28/the-tag-has-left-the-building-or-has-it.aspx.

The Wardrobe of the Future solution will be found at the Tekes-tulevaisuushalli (Tekes Hall of the Future).

Sini Syrjälä and Ari Pöyhönen will be representing Nordic ID during the Media day, July 12th, and on the Fair Opening day, July 13th.

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