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Nordic ID RFID Friday Blog - Two new stories at the RFID Arena. Nordic ID present at Housing Fair Finland Co-op. Nedschroef improves production with RFID.

Two new stories at the RFID Arena by Maciek Sadowski and Sini Syrjälä. Nordic ID present at Housing Fair Finland Co-op. Nedschroef improves production with RFID.

This week RFID Arena has published two new blog posts:

1. Creating customer value with new technologies by Maciek Sadowski

What are the possibilities of item-level RFID and NFC technologies in apparel retail from the customer value creation point of view? And how do apparel companies see various opportunities of the technologies?

2. Nordic ID is present at Suomen Asuntomessut (Housing Fair Finland Co-op) in Tampere

This summer, for the first time in the company history, Nordic ID will participate in the Housing Fair Finland Co-op, which will be held in Vuores, Tampere between July 13th and August 12th.

Yesterday, Thursday the 12th, was the official media day of the Huosing Fair Finland Co-op. The feedback of the Wardrobe of the Future was very positive and the visitors are already asking where they can buy them. Everybody was excited about the demo and nobody even questioned whether wardrobes will work like this in the future or not. The demo application got the visitors thinking creatively. One wanted to tag her childrens clothes, another wanted to tag sports gear and a third said he is constantly looking for his tools and would love to have a system for finding them easily.

Today, Friday 13th, Sini Syrjälä and Ari Pöyhönen can be found at the Nordic ID demo area. So if you are in the neighboorhoud - go and say hi and try out the demo application!



Nedschroef Improves Production With RFID

Nedschroef, a Dutch manufacturer of metal fasteners for the automobile industry, tracks information regarding 4,500 metal containers filled with as many as 100,000 nuts. This has reduced the incidence of shipping errors at its plant down to 1 percent.

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Now Nedschroef can track production information and the containers' exact weights, in order to ensure that the proper number of fasteners are shipped to each customer. Before an empty container is filled, Nedschroef weighs it and then utilizes a Nordic ID Merlin handheld RFID device to write the tare weight data to a Confidex SteelWING RFID tag attached to the framework supporting the container's leg.

Read the whole story at RFID Journal here.


Have a great and hopefully sunny weekend!

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