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Nordic ID RFID Friday Blog - Preregistrations for upcoming Experience RFID events - Have a nice summer

Preregistrations ongoing for new Experience RFID events. Nordic ID video sharing news: top viewed this month @ YourTechTV. Happy summer to all!

Pre-enrollment is easy

We have already received a few preregistrations and also very good suggestions for the new event. Thanks for those and please do keep them both coming.

We also need ideas for the next venue, so if you have suggestions on that, feel free to holla at us!

To preregister now, you only need to click the link and fill in the form.

To read about the previous Experience Fashion RFID in Paris, click the link here. 

Nordic ID videos

Popular, educational and funny Nordic ID videos can be found both on YouTube and YourTechTV.

On YourTechTV for the second month in a roll, Nordic ID has had the honour of being most viewed this month. Check out the videos that have made this happen.

YourTechTV Most Viewed This Month

All Nordic ID YourTechTV videos

You can also find the Nordic ID videos on YouTube, where they have also gotten pretty good counts for viewers.

Nordic ID YouTube Channel 

Happy summer to all!

After a few rainy weeks, it finally seems like the sun is coming out here in Finland as well. Hopefully the rest of you have had the pleasure of enjoying its company for more.


More news next week! Stay tuned!

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