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Nordic ID RFID Friday Blog - Nordic ID at Bluestar Latin America Summit - Guest Bloggers wanted

This week Teemu Ainasoja has been busy at the Bluestar Latin America Summit. RFID Arena is calling for NFC experts to spill their guts as guest bloggers. Nordic ID has had the pleasure to host a special guest this week.

BlueStar Latin American Technology Summit

At the event Teemu Ainasoja held presentations in the RFID workshop. He had a couple of retail RFID demos like inventory counting and product search with the Nordic ID Merlin UHF RFID Cross Dipole and the Nordic ID Morphic UHF RFID Cross Dipole RFID mobile computers as well as POS and security demos with the Nordic ID Sampo fixed UHF RFID reader.

Nordic ID stand at the Bluestar Latin America Technology Summi

Nordic ID stand at the event

Nordic ID POS demo


Nordic ID POS demo with the Nordic ID Sampo. 

Calling for Guest Bloggers

In an effort to fully support the retail industry with adopting new technologies, RFID Arena is calling for guest bloggers onto the site.

Have an article, study or a blog writing about RFID and/or NFC just waiting to be outed, send it to marketing@nordicid.com and it just might find its place on the RFID Arena.

We are especially looking for NFC texts. 

Special guest at Nordic ID this week

Nordic ID has had the pleasure to accompany Mr. Kris Doane this week. He took time to visit us at the office and spend time with us in the evenings as well. Thank you Kris!


More news coming up next week! Stay tuned!

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