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Nordic ID RFID Friday Blog - Blog: RFID for Amusement parks - HongKong hosted GS1 event - 2 new case studies released on Nordic ID website

Jessica Säilä wrote a blog post on RFID for amusement parks last week. Nordic ID CEO visited the GS1 Apparel Item level Tagging Forum in Hong Kong last week. This week cases NLP (RFID - RTI) and S Group (barcode - customer relationship evolvement) released.

Already eamarked, why not traced?

Of course, I'm making it sound a bit too easy, am I not? For the current wristband is only a paper one. So let me clarify: The wristband could quite easily be fitted with RFID. The ones we had at the German water park for example were. And so are the ones that are used at my local indoor swimming pool. This could be the first step. And once the wristbands are ready for it, only the sky is the limit for applications available.

More knowledge, potentially more sales and certainly enhanced visitor experience

When you make a technology investment, of course the first question in mind is "how will it benefit me"? I suggest that the amusement parks could at least benefit as follows:

  • Faster troughput times on rides
  • Recognizing where visitors are as well as where queues form, and possibly guiding customers to non-crowded areas
  • Using the wristbands for payment (allowing either a pre-deposit on arrival or payment whilst leaving)
  • Removing double work such as measuring a child at a ride several times
  • Linking parents and lost children

Read the blog post here. 

GS1 Apparel Item level Tagging Forum in Hong Kong

Nordic ID CEO joined the forum with Nordic ID partner Sheng Hero Corporation's Tad Shimoda.

Apparel Item level Tagging Forum in Hong Kong

Check out more pictures from the event. 

New case studies up on the Nordic ID website 

1) NLP - Norsk Lastbærer Pool AS - RTI case study

RFID used for tracking crates and containers.


2) S Group - Finnish Retail Giant

Barcode scanners in use for years with the retailer. A customer relationship has evolved through years.


More news next week! Stay tuned!

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