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Nordic ID RFID Friday Blog - Laundry Blog - Case studies - Set Up Tutorial video - Laukamo 60 years

The blog post from this week handled RFID for laundry. More case studies on the Nordic ID website. Nordic ID contract manufacturer celebrated 60th Birthday. Setup tutorial video on Nordic ID devices up on YouTube.

Laundry RFID applications

This week a blog was posted on the RFID solutions for laundry business.

Let's Launder it!

According to IDTechEx, the number of tags in laundry business will grow from 20 to 200 million by the year 2021. And no wonder: laundry is an excellent business area for adopting RFID. Let me explain why.

laundry facility

New cases published on the Nordic ID website

HRAFN projects feature Nordic ID: Technology broker and standardisation expert chooses Nordic ID

Fish Logistics made simple - Icelandic fishing giant improves logictics accuracy with RFID reading

Belgian construction giant Fabricom implements RFID asset tracking 

Laukamo - Nordic ID contract manufacturer celebrates 60th Birtday

A contract manufacturer for Nordic ID all the way from the 90's - Laukamo - celebrated its 60th Birthday and many Nordic ID employees had a chance to go celebrate with the company and gave a nice golden RF601 as a present.

Laukamo 60th B-Day

Set up tutorial video on YouTube

A simple video on the basic setup of Nordic ID devices is now on YouTube. The devices on the video include the Nordic ID Morphic, the Nordic ID Merlin and the Nordic ID Sampo.

Link to the video.

That's all folks - for this week. More news next week!

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