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Nordic ID RFID Friday Blog - Couple of new Blog posts - School of RFID events

This week has been busy with blog posts and events. First blog post is about the possibilities of spying with RFID, why it is not a threat and the other is about replenishment automation with smart shelves. Events: Equipmag in France and Auto-ID Expo in Japan.

New blog posts out this week

1) Yes, they could be spying on you - But do they want to?

It's true - it is technologically possible for retailers to create a system that informs them that you are, in fact, wearing your practical and comfortable - but not so hot - granny pants today. But remember, this is true whether they have adopted RFID or not.

2) "Smart shelves" - The store shelf of the future

Thanks to RFID, forerunner retailers today have a whole spectrum of ways to observe customer behavior and make appropriate changes to increase sales and customer satisfaction. 

School of RFID has been present at two events this week

1) Equipmag

This show held in Paris France and the School of RFID by Nordic ID made some good connections at the event with partners and end-customers alike.






2) Auto-ID Expo 2012

The show was held in Tokyo Big Sight and gathers together the industry manufacturers, resellers, system integrators for Barcode and RFID readers and mobile computers, printers and POS systems. Three different partners presented the Nordic ID Morphic UHF RFID Cross Dipole on their stands at the event. The partners were: Toppan Printing, Imager and Hayato Information Technology. The Show was busy and the Nordic ID devices gathered attention and curious people around them nicely.


Customer getting to know the Nordic ID Morphic


One stand with Nordic ID Morphic at the event


A stand with Nordic ID Morphic mobile computers at the event


More news next week, stay tuned!

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