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Nordic ID RFID Friday Blog - Guest Blog on O-O-S - Nordic ID at Fachpack next week - fun RFID apps from the world

This week a guest blog about O-O-S causing sales losses by John Johnson (RFID 24-7 editor) was published. We heard about some fun RFID applications from around the world. School of RFID is on the road again next week, meet us at Fachpack.

This week a guest blog by John Johnson


This guest blog is written by Mr. John Johnson. He is the editor for RFID 24-7. You can find some very good RFID articles there. This blog post goes deep inside the out-of-stock situations causing retailers loss in sales worth millions.

  Fashion Store - Nordic ID RFID

Fun RFID applications from around the world

1) Office coffee brewing made smarter with RFID technology

The intuitive "My Brew" technology guides users who might not be familiar with the Keurig single cup brewing system to get it right the first time by enabling the brewer to default to optimum settings for the chosen beverage based on an embedded RFID recipe tag.

2) Smarter Socks - Probably the smartest socks in the world

A cool video showing how RFID will sort the age old problem of lost socks. What an ingenious idea!

This application is exactly what we talked about earlier in our blog - The tag has left the building - or has it? 

School of RFID is out and about next week

Need to find about RFID. Need to find a House of RFID that will offer you a whole RFID solution? Come meet us at Fachpack in Nürnberg, Germany September 25th - 27th.

You can find us in hall 8 at booth 231 with our partner COT.


More news again next week! Stay tuned! :)

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