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Nordic ID RFID Friday Blog - RFID articles about postal systems, recycling and RFID in fight against the grey economy - Events: Fachpack and Belgium week with Empack and Prologistics

What an awesome week it has been. Busy, busy, busy. Three articles, many events. Read about RFID in postal systems and recycling and fighting against the grey economy and events in Germany and Belgium. A video has risen to TOP8 at YourTechTv, worth watching.

What a busy week with articles

1) Grey market benefits no-one

I get reminded of the grey economy and grey market every morning by the radio. This happens in the form of an advertising campaign that aims to shock us about the consequences of working "tax free" or paying someone without paying taxes.

2) National post office RFID system

Increased efficiency. Real-time delivery status. Less human errors. RFID is the future technology for postal, courier and high volume light logistics.

3) A push towards recycling with RFID

The choice not to recycle should be hard, expensive and inconvenient. This is one of the best ways to change consumer and corporate behavior. Luckily RFID can make this happen. 

What a busy week with events

Fachpack in Germany

Nordic ID was present at Fachpack in Nürnberg, Germany with partner COT. The fair was very busy. Below you can find some pictures of the event.

Right at the beginning the Nordic ID devices became familiar as the Nordic ID RF601 was used at the entrance point.

Nordic ID RF601 at the entrance point

Fachpack _Foto _GER2


Fachpack _Foto _GER4


Belgium week with Empack, Prologistics and PhiData open doors


Expo -Brussels -Atomium



Nordic ID partner Etilux presented the full suite of Nordic ID products.

Empack _Sam -Scheunis -Etilux


At Prologistics the Nordic ID Merlin and the Nordic ID Morphic mobile computer got presented by partner Aucxis.

Prologistics _Jan -Merkx -J&-Jason -Scrivens -Aucxis


Open doors at PhiData

Since the company headquarters lie quite near to where the Belgium week Brussels Expo was hosted, PhiData decided to have open doors and at the same time Nordic ID got good visibility yet again.

Belgium -week -Phi -Data -opendoors


Next week you will meet Nordic ID people at an RFID Seminar in Poland hosted by partner Autepra.

More Nordic ID events you can find here. 


This week a certain video by Nordic ID has made it big. Huge amount of views has risen it up to TOP8 viewed this year at YourTechTV video site.

The video is of course RFID and Privacy video.

It is a video showing that there is nothing to fear about RFID. No-one will scan you underwear! Also it shows what is actually done with RFID in stores.


Stay tuned for some more awesome Nordic ID and RFID news coming up next week!

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